Local Government Services (LGS) works with local governments (counties, cities & towns, school districts and special districts) to ensure uniform financial accountability, and to assist the local governments in complying with their statutory financial and budgetary reporting requirements, including provisions of the Montana Single Audit Act. The LGS Local Government Entity Portal provides transparency in Montana’s local government reporting by making these reports readily available to the public.

Local government entity reports and related documents are available to view or download. Search the portal by clicking the Public Information drop-down (above) and selecting a report type to view and search on, or filter the information within the local government listings.

Reports which local governments are statutorily required to submit to LGS are designated below with an “X”:
Local Government Entity Type Annual Financial Reports Audit/Financial Review Reports Budgets
Counties, Cities and Towns X X X
School Districts Submitted to OPI X Submitted to OPI
Special Purpose Districts X X Not Required

Other information available through the portal includes Entity Listings, Audit Rosters, and Audit Status Reports. Visitors may also find out which local government entities are delinquent in providing LGS with their Annual Financial Reports, Audits, and Financial Reviews.

Public Viewers

For instructions to help you navigate the Portal, click HERE.

Registered Users

The portal also provides local governments and audit firms an efficient way to submit reports and related documents to LGS electronically. To submit reports online, a user must have an account with Okta. Go to http://sfsd.mt.gov/LGSB/LGSPortal for instructions on how to become a registered user and how to submit documents online.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Local Government Services at LGSPortalRegistration@mt.gov.