Recent Appointments

Governor Gianforte strives to appoint a variety of Montanans to our many Boards, Councils and Commissions. Below is a list of his recent appointments made in the last 30 days. For full board memberships, please visit the home page. And if you’re interested in serving, apply now!

Jan StoddardInvasive Species Council (ISC)06/15/202105/31/2025
Martin CharloInvasive Species Council (ISC)06/15/202105/31/2025
Michael BiasInvasive Species Council (ISC)06/15/202105/31/2025
PAUL ROSSIGNOLInvasive Species Council (ISC)06/15/202105/31/2025
Charles HeaddressInvasive Species Council (ISC)06/15/202105/31/2025
Brandon GopherInvasive Species Council (ISC)06/15/202105/31/2021
Andy WelchInvasive Species Council (ISC)06/15/202105/31/2025
Tom WoolfInvasive Species Council (ISC)06/15/202105/31/2025
Robyn ScribnerLibrary Commission, State06/02/202105/31/2024
Sean HigginbothamInformation Technology Board06/01/202101/05/2021
Jimmy PatelisPardons and Parole, Board of06/01/202101/01/2027
Jessica FlintHumanities Montana06/01/202112/31/2024
Chris DorringtonInformation Technology Board06/01/202101/05/2025
Brian GootkinInformation Technology Board06/01/202101/05/2025
Adam MeierInformation Technology Board06/01/202101/05/2025
Braxton MitchellInformation Technology Board06/01/202101/05/2025
Gary Evans9-1-1 Advisory Council05/26/202109/05/2023
Jeff Newton9-1-1 Advisory Council05/25/202109/01/2021