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Welcome to the eStop Business Licenses Online Service

Your initial access to eStop online is a two-step process:

Login to ePass

Step 1. Access eStop through ePass Montana You need to set up an ePass Montana account to access the eStop online service.

Click on Login using ePass Montana and follow the directions to access your ePass Montana account or create an ePass Montana account username and password.

Step 2. Access your eStop Account

2a. To set up access to your licenses in eStop you need to enter an email address, business number, and passcode in the Existing Customers - Set Up Online Access box. This step is only required the first time you access eStop online. After the initial set up, you will simply login to ePass Montana to access eStop.

2b. If you do not currently have licenses managed through the eStop Business Licenses program, click on License a new eStop business. You will need your business information, location information, and supporting documents for certain licenses. We will mail your business number and online passcode after your application is approved. You will then follow the directions in 2a. to set up access to your newly registered eStop business.

To request a passcode for your business, contact the Montana Department of Revenue at

eStop Business Licenses lets businesses apply or renew up to seven state licenses all at once with one payment.

eStop Licenses Offered
  • Retail food establishment
  • Tobacco retail and wholesale
  • Off-Premises beer and wine
  • Nursery
  • Petroleum dealer (meters)
  • Weighing device (scales)
  • Underground storage tank
  • Montana Lottery

For all other license types, go to MT License Lookup for links to information about other licenses in the State of Montana

This method of licensing is especially convenient for grocery and convenience stores with gas pumps. They can get their food, tobacco, beer and wine, weighing and petroleum-related licenses all at once.