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The State of Montana is an equal opportunity employer.

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Mechanic - Machinist

*Applications must be received by Midnight Mountain Time on the closing date.


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State Agency:
PO Box 7039
Missoula, MT 59807
TTY:Montana Relay Service at 711

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Position 54166711
Full-Time Permanent
CRAFTS Machinists
$21.58 - $21.58
Additional Salary Information:

Applicant Pool:If another department vacancy occurs in this job title within six months, the same applicant pool may be used for the selection.

Special Information:
  • A valid Montana Commercial Operators License (Class A, Type II) with endorsements for air brakes and tankers is required.
  • Driver’s Records Check: Successful applicants will be required to sign a release form which authorizes the Department to obtain the applicant’s permanent driving records. Compliance with Mont. Admin. R. 2.6.201, “State Vehicle Use,” and MDT Policy # 3-0134, “Addendum to Risk Management and Tort Defense Division State Vehicle Use Policy” are conditions of employment.
  • Offer of employment is contingent upon undergoing pre-employment testing for controlled substances.
  • This position is not eligible for a moving agreement.


  • Applicants will be screened based on their ability to concisely and clearly describe their qualifications and experience.


  • All documentation required establishing preference or as required as part of the application must be submitted by the closing date to be considered during the selection process.
This position performs a variety of work associated with the repair and maintenance of gasoline and diesel machinery and equipment; fabrication of specialized parts; system design and manufacture; and troubleshooting. Cleans, inspects, and determines course of repair, including restoring close tolerances with accuracy; machining and/or replacing functional parts, devices and control instruments; reinstalls and assembles; starts, drives or operates equipment and devices to test performance. The incumbent must have the ability to follow maintenance procedures.
Extensive skill in the operation of all types of equipment, including use of hand and power tools, computerized electric and electronic components, measuring gauges and instruments, sophisticated electronic and other diagnostics; all welding and cutting equipment, machining and metal fabrication equipment; shop vehicles, fork lifts, loaders, trucks, heavy and light duty equipment, safety equipment, lifts, cranes. Ability to comprehend, and use effectively parts and service manuals, diagrams, schematics, MSDS hazardous material data and equipment repair information, fill out requisition forms, shop job orders and PM program paperwork. Must be able to troubleshoot/diagnose equipment failures and make required repairs. Respond quickly and calmly to emergency situations, and through teamwork, deliver department goals and objectives on time, comprehend technical manuals and follow details. Establish and maintain working relationships and communication with administration, co-workers and technical experts. Make accurate and detailed field observations, use independent and seasoned judgment; make appropriate choices among various diverse and ambiguous options and alternatives. The incumbent must possess a thorough knowledge of equipment system design and repair; electronic theory and application, mechanical operation, and hydraulics design theory and application and welding construction. Requires considerable knowledge of math and the ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing. The position also requires extensive knowledge of structural steel types, welding materials, paints, lubricants, coolants, cleaning materials, metal stocks, fasteners, electronic components, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, and hazardous materials.
Requirements to perform the duties of this position are journeyman level rating with 4 years of experience in diesel, or 4 years experience in gasoline, or 4 years experience in welding and fabrication or a combination of each depending on the position. Six (6) months experience in fabricating is desirable.
Supplemental Questions: None Required
Additional Materials Required:
  1. Transcripts