State of Montana Job Listings

These pages provide a list of all State of Montana job openings in an easy to use searchable format.

Performing a Search

There are several ways to enter search criteria for a job listing. You can use the job search tools individually or in combination.

Keyword Search (accountant) and then Agency (Transportation).
You will get listings showing the accountant positions for Transportation.
Keyword Search
Enter one word that best describes the field you are interested in, for instance, computer or programmer, but not computer programmer. By designating computer you will get a list of all jobs available requiring computer skills. By designating programmer you will get only listings requiring computer programming skills.
Date Range
You can further define your search by selecting jobs posted within a certain number of days. Select the days range from the drop-down menu.
This search tool allows you to choose a general job classification from the drop-down menu and will list all jobs falling under that classification.
You can select a city and mileage from the drop-down menus and search for jobs located within a certain mileage from that city.
By selecting an agency from the drop-down menu, you will get job listings for that agency only.
View All Listings
This is a link, located at the bottom of the page, which will take you to the alphabetical listings of all State of Montana jobs.

Search Results