Contract Awards

The following list reflects contracts for supplies and services recently awarded under the Montana Procurement Act, Title 18, Chapter 4, MCA. The fully executed contracts will be finalized, pending the receipt of adequate documentation. This list does not include building or highway construction contract awards. These are tentative awards pending the receipt of a purchase order or fully executed contract. The last column signifies that the contract has been awarded to a vendor located in Montana. If you need additional information on the status of an award, please contact the person listed within the contract award details or to the OneStop administrator.

Recent contract awards for supplies and services:

ViewPost DateSolicitation NumberTitle/DescriptionMT Vendor(s)
04/27/2015 311637 Epoxy Paint Striping Billings Area - Crow Reservation
04/24/2015 311619 Overlay & Chip Seal Choteau, Great Falls Division
04/24/2015 311618 Overlay & Chip Seal S-278, Butte Division
04/24/2015 311580 6-Passenger Minivans
04/22/2015 IFB15-2927J Janitorial Services - Butte Justice Center
04/22/2015 IFB B0003313 Fertilizer and Application for Ft. Keogh, 2015
04/21/2015 IFB1506JH Eastern Montana Veterans Home Patio
04/21/2015 RFP-1507JH Montana Children’s Trust Fund Primary and Secondary Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Program and S
04/21/2015 311620 Chip Seal S-236 South of Big Sandy, Havre Area
04/20/2015 RFP15-3109T Development of Strategic Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation Plan for MDT
04/20/2015 IFB-1512JH Dental Provider Survey
04/20/2015 IFB B0003305 GFC MSU Welders and Booths
04/17/2015 311639 Production of Commercial Plant Mix Material as Needed Missoula
04/17/2015 IFB #B0003316 Fit Study - Anthropometric Data Collection and Analysis
04/17/2015 IFB15-3060V Chatsworth Cabinets/Racks, PDU's and Peripheral Equipment
04/16/2015 RFP15-3112T Automated Knowledge and Road Testing System
04/15/2015 311579 26-Passenger Medium-Duty Transit Bus
04/15/2015 311587 Mini Conversion Vans
04/15/2015 311636 Seed, Compost & Tackifier 2-Locations
04/14/2015 IFB15-3185A Cattle Video Auction Services
04/14/2015 IFB15-3184A Cab and Chassis Truck
04/14/2015 IFB15-3181A Cab and Chassis Diesel Trucks
04/14/2015 IFB15-3177A Vehicles Model Year 2015 or 2016
04/14/2015 IFB15-3174A Type III Ambulance
04/14/2015 IFB15-3173A Type I Ambulance
04/14/2015 IFB15-3172A Type I Ambulance
04/14/2015 RFP 3018 Classroom AV Upgrade
04/14/2015 311609 Epoxy Paint Striping Kalispell Area
04/14/2015 311615 Epoxy Paint Striping Havre Area
04/10/2015 IFB15-3167A Aircraft Maintenance
04/10/2015 311600 Epoxy Paint Striping Miles City Area
04/10/2015 311602 Epoxy Paint Striping Wolf Point Area
04/09/2015 311589 Aggregate Material 3-Locations, Missoula Division
04/09/2015 311627 Kearns Ditch Lining, Butte District
04/09/2015 311621 Cutting Edges and Accessories
04/08/2015 311599 Epoxy Paint Striping Lewistown Area
04/08/2015 311601 Epoxy Paint Striping Missoula Division
04/08/2015 311603 Epoxy Paint Striping Bozeman Area
04/08/2015 IFB #155088FSU Gravel Pit PCT
04/08/2015 IFB #150045FSU Hale HPX75-B18 Pumps
04/07/2015 311596 Epoxy Paint Striping Billings Division
04/07/2015 311629 Routing and Crack Sealing US-191 North of Malta, Wolf Point Area
04/07/2015 311630 Routing and Crack Sealing US-2 Wolf Point West, Wolf Point Area
04/06/2015 311184 STEEL POSTS
04/06/2015 RFP 15-15 MontanaPBS Auditing & Accounting Services
04/06/2015 311575 Bearmouth Rest Area Maintenance, Missoula Division
04/03/2015 RFP-1502JH Cogswell Building Cafeteria
04/03/2015 RFP14-2750V Global Master Custodian and Related Services
04/02/2015 IFB #155067 Deadman's Basin Diversion Dam and Headgate Replacement Project
04/02/2015 SPB15-3051V Debt Collection Services
04/02/2015 311613 Router Blades & Accessories
04/01/2015 311597 Epoxy Paint Striping Butte Division
04/01/2015 311598 Epoxy Paint Striping Great Falls Division
03/31/2015 RFP15-2894P Excess Worker's Compensation and Employer Liability Insurance Coverage
03/31/2015 IFB B0003296 2015-2016 Montana State University Bulletin Printing
03/30/2015 311605 CRACK FILLER
03/26/2015 IFB 3014 Telecommunication Circuits
03/25/2015 RFP15-3106T Security Posture Assessment and Recommendations
03/24/2015 IFB #B0003302 Janitorial Services for Molecular Biosciences Building
03/17/2015 IFB #B0003303 AV Equipment Products
03/17/2015 IFB #155078FSU Thin To Win PCT
03/11/2015 IFB B0003297 2015 Viewbook
03/06/2015 IFB15-2926J Laundry Services for Montana Veterans' Home
03/06/2015 IFB15-2924J Drug and Alcohol Testing Services - First Judicial District Treatment Court
03/04/2015 311560 Lift Gates
03/04/2015 IFB #155074FSU TREE PLANTING 2015
02/27/2015 RFP 15-14 Maze Trailer
02/25/2015 IFB 3019 Student Union Assessment Services
02/25/2015 311557 Crane, Lift and Hoist Inspections
02/23/2015 150110 IFB Tractor
02/19/2015 RFP15-2754V Banking Services for the State's Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program
02/19/2015 311548 Reflective Glass Beads
02/18/2015 RFP 15-10 Undergraduate Inquiry, Application Generation and Search Fulfillment
02/18/2015 RFP 15-11 Great Falls College Digital Signage Project
02/13/2015 RC1160 TRAFFIC CONTROL
02/12/2015 IFB15-3179A Ammunition
02/12/2015 IFB15-3171A Stryker Cots and Chairs
02/12/2015 IFB15-3054V Cook Tank
02/12/2015 RFP 3008 Electronic Power Shake Table
02/11/2015 150096 IFB Hatchery Pond Fertilizer
02/11/2015 RFP15-2893P Customer Service Reservation System
02/10/2015 IFB15-3168A Light Duty Accessories
02/09/2015 RFP 3013 Delivery Processing Services
02/09/2015 RFP15-2953R Card Production and Facial Recognition System
02/09/2015 RFP15-3084R Availability and Disparity Study
02/05/2015 311529 Lawn Fertilization and Gopher Control
02/04/2015 443222-1518 Strand Union Ballroom - Digital Projectors & Accessories
02/04/2015 IFB15-2806H House Paper Stock
02/03/2015 RFP 15-02 Jabs Hall Food Service Operation
01/30/2015 RFP15-2883P Montana SNAP, TANF (Cash), and WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer Services
01/30/2015 150070 IFB Firewood Bundles
01/29/2015 LMTD0003277 SWAMMEI 3-D Printer
01/27/2015 150033FSU High-Pressure Wildland Pump
01/16/2015 IFB 415004 CFR Compost Supply and Delivery
01/16/2015 RFP 215004 Business Case for Montana's Nutrient Trading Program
01/16/2015 IFB 415001 Divide North Remediation Project
01/16/2015 IFB 415012 Black Pine Mine Repository Subgrade Excavation Project
01/16/2015 IFB 415007 Settler's Stripping Fire
01/15/2015 IFB15-3169A 12 to 15 Passenger Van
01/14/2015 311515 Asphalt Patching Emulsion
01/12/2015 150087 IFB Backhoe/Loader
01/09/2015 IFB15-3166A Heavy Duty Low Boy Trailers
01/09/2015 IFB15-3055V IBM 2076-524 IBM Storwize V7000 Disk Systems, Installation, Implementation and Maintenance
01/08/2015 RFP-1504JH Montana Newborn Hearing Screening and Intervention Program Media Campaign
01/08/2015 IFB15-2923J Snow Plowing Services: Billings Armed Forces Reserve Center (BAFRC)
01/05/2015 RFP15-2078R Courier Services For the Montana State Library (Re-Issue)
01/05/2015 RFP15-3079R Montana Paid Leave Study
12/31/2014 B0003270 Precision Plot Seed Drill
12/24/2014 RFP15-3019T TRS Actuarial Audit
12/23/2014 RFP15-3013T Maintenance Management System
12/23/2014 IFB15-2922J Janitorial Services: Title and Registration Bureau, Deer Lodge Montana
12/23/2014 443222-1516 Hospitality/ Banquet Chairs for Strand Union Ballrooms
12/22/2014 IFB #B0003221A Coin Operated Non-Stacking Washer/Dryers
12/19/2014 IFB15-3162A Various Mower Attachments and Tractors
12/18/2014 B0003265 SARC Utility Tractor with Loader
12/16/2014 RFP15-04A SWAMMEI Sector Strategies
12/15/2014 IFB 115006 Snow Removal Services for Department of Environmental Quality’s Remote Offices Located in Billings,
12/12/2014 150038 IFB 5.11 Uniforms
12/12/2014 150052 IFB Utility Vehicles
12/12/2014 150050 IFB Used Compact Excavator
12/12/2014 RFP15-2919J Food Services for the Montana Law Enforcement Academy
12/10/2014 B0003221 Coin Operated Non-Stacking Washer/Dryers
12/10/2014 B0003255 GFC MSU Fabrication Lab Equipment
12/09/2014 RFP14-2885P Montana Lottery Operating System and Related Services
12/08/2014 RFP15-2956R Small Business Health Insurance Plans
12/04/2014 IFB15-3048A Used Fork Lift
12/04/2014 IFB15-3041A Duty Ammunition
12/04/2014 IFB 3015 Mass Spectrometer University Montana
12/02/2014 RFP 15-09 TAACCCT Mobile Welding Lab
12/01/2014 B0003259 John Deere 569 Premium Round Baler
11/26/2014 RFP15-2887P Bridge Analytical Tool (BAT) Software
11/24/2014 IFB15-3045A DNRC Fire Truck Chassis
11/24/2014 IFB15-3043A Truck Mounted Core Drill
11/24/2014 RFP15-2890P Pharmacy Administration Services for Montana Nursing Care Center
11/21/2014 IFB15-3026A Total Stations
11/21/2014 IFB15-3040A Tractors and Loaders
11/21/2014 OPI-156831023 Cooperative Food Bid Winter 2015-216
11/20/2014 IFB15-3107T Polycom RealPresence Videoconferencing System
11/20/2014 B0002356 Virtual Welders
11/19/2014 RFP15-2754V Banking Services for the State's Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program
11/18/2014 IFB15-2920J Snow Plowing and Removal Services - Billings Armed Forces Reserve Center (BAFRC)
11/12/2014 RFP15-2957R Survey for MT Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
11/12/2014 RFP14-2934R Partnership For Success - Community Environmental Prevention
10/31/2014 IFB15-3039A Sweeper Truck
10/31/2014 IFB15-3042A Snow Removal - Capitol Complex
10/31/2014 RFP-1503JH Wandering Patient Security System
10/30/2014 IFB15-3034A Medium Duty Truck
10/30/2014 IFB #B0003250 MilTech: Design for manufacturability and assembly (DFMA) analysis and analysis of alternatives (AOA
10/29/2014 IFB15-3016T Written Licensing Exam for Barbering and Cosmetology
10/24/2014 IFB15-3035A DNRC Fire Truck Chassis
10/23/2014 RFP15-3052V Facilities Management Services
10/21/2014 WSCA102-2035-13 Office Supplies & Services
10/20/2014 WSCA102-2035-13 Office Supplies & Services
10/20/2014 15-0093 New Fitness Center Equipment
10/15/2014 IFB #B0003237 Exclusive Vending and Bottling rights for Great Falls College-MSU
10/14/2014 IFB15-2960R Youth Employment Program 8th District
10/13/2014 RFP 14-18 LEED Certification Consulting Services
10/08/2014 RFP15-2950R Smarter Balanced Test Administration
10/08/2014 RFP14-2691R Title X Family Planning Services
10/07/2014 IFB15-3038A Industrial Hygiene Equipment - Rebid
10/07/2014 RFP 15-05 External Security Camera System
10/07/2014 RFP 15-06 Great Falls College MSU Security Services
10/02/2014 RFP15-2756V Flow Valuation
10/01/2014 RFP 14-12A Northern Ag Pivot Irrigation System
10/01/2014 IFB15-2961R Digital Color Production Printer
09/30/2014 IFB 150034 Gooseneck Trailer
09/30/2014 IFB15-2952R Intensive Supervision and Probation Compliance
09/30/2014 RFP #15-03 TAACCCT Marketing: Print and Web
09/24/2014 RFP14-2694R Mental Health Drop In Centers
09/23/2014 IFB15-2805H House Paper Stock
09/23/2014 RFP14-2937R Grant and Technical Writing Support Services
09/17/2014 IFB15-2803H Kimball and Haworth System Component Furniture and Installation
09/16/2014 IFB15-2917J Janitorial Services: Revenue's Liquor Warehouse - Rebid
09/16/2014 IFB15-2959R Furniture For the Montana Highway Patrol
09/16/2014 RFP# 15-07 Software Services for IBM i5 System
09/15/2014 IFB15-3031A Truck Bodies
09/15/2014 IFB15-3025A Quick Response Unit, SSV (Special Services Rated) Vehicle
09/15/2014 RFP15-2660G Montana State Fund Financial Systems Software Solutions
09/15/2014 RFP15-2958R Youth Custody Compliance Monitor for Montana Board of Crime Control - Re-Issue
09/12/2014 IFB15-2916J Janitorial Services - Fish, Wildlife & Parks Building
09/12/2014 RFP14-2755V Native Plant Nursery, Seed Collection and Revegetation Services
09/11/2014 IFB15-3030A Wheelchair Lifts
09/11/2014 SPB15-2804H Travel Agency Services for the State of Montana
09/05/2014 IFB15-3029A Proportional Hydraulic Valve Assembly
09/05/2014 RFP14-2886P Montana Indicator-Based Information System (IBIS)
09/05/2014 RFP #15-04 SWAMMEI Sector Strategies
09/03/2014 RFP14-2800H UXO Remediation Services, Limestone Hills, Montana Munitions Response Site
09/03/2014 RFP 14-05 Shared Research Computing Infrastructure
09/02/2014 RFP15-2661G State Capitol Complex Recycling Services
08/28/2014 IFB1-2014 Breast Pumps, Handling, Packing, and Shipping
08/27/2014 IFB-1501JH Janitorial Services, Lewistown
08/27/2014 IFB15-2915J Janitorial Services: Revenue's Liquor Warehouse
08/25/2014 RFP 14-14 ASMSU Legal Services
08/22/2014 OPI-156580707 Professional Video Filming
08/21/2014 RFP 14-15 TechLink Videographer Services
08/19/2014 140142 IFB Region 2 Latrine Septic Pumping Services
08/19/2014 140182 IFB Fort Peck Reservoir Creel Survey
08/19/2014 IFB 150013 Koessler Lake Fish Restoration
08/19/2014 IFB15-2801H House Paper Stock
08/15/2014 RFP14-2879P Session Systems Replacement Software and Implementation Services
08/11/2014 IFB14-2912J Elevator Maintenance - Great Falls and Missoula Workforce Centers
08/01/2014 RFP 14-13 Success Story Writers & Editors
08/01/2014 RFP14-2907J Security Guard Services - Armed and Unarmed
07/31/2014 RFP14-2935R Laboratory Information Management System for the Department of Livestock
07/30/2014 IFB15-2951R Possession Education Classes
07/30/2014 IFB #B0003210 Darkroom Enlargers
07/30/2014 IFB#B0003191 Piano Tuning Services
07/22/2014 RFP 14-11 Student Loan Billing Services
07/21/2014 IFB #B0003205 AV Equipment Products
07/21/2014 B0003199 Communications Wiring Products
07/10/2014 IFB14-2910J Janitorial Services: National Guard Aviation Facilities - Helena
07/10/2014 443222-1508 New Portable Basketball Backboards
07/09/2014 RFP14-3006T Independent Verification and Validation / Remediation Information Management System
07/08/2014 OPI-146830606 Cooperative Food Purchase Bid
07/08/2014 IFB14-2914J Data Loggers
07/03/2014 443222--1505 Class 1 Dairy Fluids
07/03/2014 443222-1506 Dairy Solids & Products and Miscellaneous Dairy
07/02/2014 IFB 140229 Spotted Dog WMA Vegetation Inventory and Assessment
07/02/2014 IFB 140235 Aluminum Fish Hauling Tank
07/02/2014 IFB 150006 Region 1 - Kalispell FWP Heaquarters Janitorial Services
07/02/2014 IFB 140246 Aerial Weed Spraying Services
07/02/2014 IFB 140248 Game Damage Cattle Panels
07/02/2014 IFB 140265 Gravel
07/02/2014 IFB 150008 Region 6 - Glasgow FWP Headquarters Janitorial Services
07/02/2014 IFB 140279 Camper Trailer
07/02/2014 IFB 140289 South Fork Coal Creek Restoration Project
06/30/2014 IFB-1413JG MMHNCC Flooring
06/27/2014 IFB14-2802H Carpet Tile
06/27/2014 IFB14-2758V Bobcat Toolcat 5600
06/26/2014 IFB14-2911J Janitorial Services - Capitol Complex
06/26/2014 IFB14-2909J Janitorial Services: Helena Armed Forces Reserve Center - Fort Harrison
06/26/2014 IFB14-2913J Janitorial Services: National Guard Facilities - Fort Harrison
06/25/2014 IFB-1412JG Beds for Infirmary
06/25/2014 RFP14-2884P Automated High Resolution Simultaneous Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP
06/25/2014 RFP-1411JG In-Home Reunification Services (Fergus Co)
06/23/2014 B00A3185 Radioactive Waste Disposal Service
06/23/2014 B00A3187 Manufactured Home REBID
06/23/2014 B0003188 Invasive Plant Treatment/Management Services
06/20/2014 2014 AmeriCorps State Grant Application RFP14-2995 2014 AmeriCorps State Grant Application RFP14-2995T
06/20/2014 RFP14-2996T Marketing Services for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development
06/19/2014 RFP14-2880P Montana Office of Tourism Digital Asset Management System
06/18/2014 IFB14-2990A Office Trailers
06/18/2014 IFB14-3020A Warehouse Racks
06/12/2014 RFP14-2969A Sustainable Yield Calculation
06/11/2014 IFB14-2798H Laundry Equipment
06/11/2014 IFB14-3005T State of Montana Data Center UPS Battery Replacement (Eaton Brand)
06/11/2014 RFP14-2749V Case Management System Solutions
06/11/2014 RFP14-3001T-CANCELLED Mobile Device Management Solution
06/10/2014 IFB 140247 ATV's
06/10/2014 IFB 140235 Aluminum Fish Hauling Tank
06/10/2014 IFB 140223 Tractor with Attachments
06/04/2014 RFP14-2998T Surplus Property Online Auction Services
06/03/2014 RFP14-2745V Traffic Data Collection & Analysis Software Solution
06/03/2014 IFB14-2751V FWP Wildlife Management Area Weed Spraying Services
06/03/2014 RFP14-2904J Audio and Video Equipment Services for Legislative Services
06/02/2014 IFB14-3021A Scrap Metal Purchase and Disposal
05/30/2014 IFB14-2987A Unpainted Stainless Steel Ice Control Material Spreaders
05/30/2014 IFB14-2983A Cab and Chassis Diesel Trucks
05/30/2014 IFB14-2985A Heavy Duty Level Lift Reversible Expressway Plow and Front Mount Hitch
05/30/2014 IFB14-2967A Type I-AD Ambulances
05/27/2014 IFB14-2986A Dump Bodies
05/27/2014 RFP14-2752V Investment Consulting Services
05/27/2014 RFP14-2943R Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting: SafeCare Augmented
05/23/2014 IFB14-2981A Auction Services
05/23/2014 IFB-1410JG Health Plan Survey
05/22/2014 IFB 140206 Compact Tracked Loader
05/22/2014 IFB 140214 Commercial Riding Mowers
05/21/2014 RFP14-2748V Electronic Permitting, Audit, Registration, and Tax (ePart) System
05/19/2014 RFP14-2947R Tobacco Use Prevention Project
05/19/2014 RFP14-2939R Media Campaign for Chronic Disease Prevention
05/19/2014 RFP14-2692R Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting: PAT, NFP, Family Spirit
05/16/2014 RFP14-2745V Traffic Data Collection & Analysis Software Solution
05/15/2014 IFB14-2978A All-Terrian Drill
05/15/2014 RFP-1406JG In-Home Services, Region 2
05/15/2014 RFP-1407JG Access and Visitation Grant (CCYGM Co.)
05/14/2014 IFB14-2799H Janitorial, Coarse Paper, Food Disposables & Can Liner Products
05/14/2014 IFB14-2970A Enforcement Consoles and Accessories
05/13/2014 IFB14-2945R Audiological Services for the Office of Public Instruction
05/13/2014 IFB14-3000T Food Service Carts, Trays, and Steam Table
05/12/2014 RFP14-2882P Medicaid Drug Prior Authorization
05/12/2014 RFP14-2699R Tobacco Use Prevention Project
05/12/2014 IFB14-2984A Sig Sauer Guns
05/09/2014 IFB14-2753V Inductively Couple Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer ICP-OES
05/07/2014 140187 IFB Golden Eagle Nests Surveys
05/07/2014 IFB 140205 UTV's
05/07/2014 RFP14-2992T Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)
05/06/2014 IFB-1409CP EMVH Fencing
05/02/2014 443222-1420 Stone Hearth Deck Oven - Wood Stone Fire Deck 9660
05/01/2014 RFP14-2281P Remediation Information Management System Replacement
04/29/2014 IFB14-2989A MDDGHS Walker Mowers
04/28/2014 RFP14-2993T Evaluation of the Montana Title I-E Waiver Demonstration Project
04/25/2014 IFB14-3003T Polycom Video Equipment Premier and Partner Maintenance
04/22/2014 RFP14-2991T Land Use Planning Assistance to Eastern Montana Communities
04/21/2014 CS4370010257 MSU Telescopic Material Handler
04/17/2014 IFB14-2979A Sweeper Trucks
04/16/2014 RFP14-2695R Recovering From Mental Illness Through Employment
04/15/2014 IFB14-2941R Hail Reinsurance Program
04/14/2014 IFB14-2977A Trailer Mounted Core Drill
04/11/2014 IFB14-2999T Polycom Video Equipment Premier and Partner Maintenance
04/09/2014 CS4370010255 MSU APC Computer Equipment for AJM Johnson Hall
04/07/2014 IFB14-2976A 5.11 Reversible High Visibility Rain Coats
04/03/2014 IFB14-2974A Vehicles Model Year 2014
04/02/2014 RFP14-2965A Offender Tracking System
04/01/2014 SPB14-2333J Shredding Services - Statewide
03/31/2014 RFP14-2942R MT Office of Public Instruction SharePoint Architecture Re-Design
03/31/2014 IFB14-2936R-Rebid Tissue Processor and Embedding Center
03/25/2014 IFB14-2874A Fish Feed
03/19/2014 RFP 214006 Review of Montana's Energy Performance Contracting Program
03/19/2014 IFB 140162 Skid Steer Loader
03/19/2014 140151 IFB Helena Area Parks Trash Collection
03/17/2014 RFP14-2875P MUS Third Party Administrator (TPA) Services for Claims Administration and/or Utilization Review
03/17/2014 IFB14-2980A Used Vehicles
03/13/2014 SPB14-2905J Agricultural Chemicals
03/11/2014 RFP13-2679R Montana Maternal and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MECHV) Evaluator
03/07/2014 140150 IFB Helena Area Parks Septic Pumping Services
03/07/2014 IFB14-2972A Used Vehicles
03/04/2014 RFP14-2657G Montana Lottery Advertising and Media Services
03/03/2014 IFB14-2973A End Rider Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks
02/28/2014 IFB14-2330J Online Auctioneering Services for Department of Revenue
02/26/2014 IFB14-2966A Forklift
02/24/2014 OPI-1461510115 Evaluation of Indian Education for All Initiative
02/21/2014 IFB14-2872A Uniforms for the Montana Highway Patrol
02/20/2014 RFP14-2878P Alcohol Merchant Education. Compliance Inspections, and Statewide Social Media Parent/Youth Forum
02/19/2014 IFB14-2975A Cargo Vans-Dealer Stock New
02/18/2014 RFP14-2877P Services to Pregnant and Parenting Teens
02/18/2014 IFB-1405JG Back-up Generator, EMVH - Glendive, MT
02/13/2014 IFB14-2906J Janitorial Services-Helena Job Service (Rebid)
02/11/2014 RFP14-2659G Technical Assistance for Small Business Innovation Research
02/11/2014 RFP14-2700R Tobacco Use Peer Crowd Research
02/10/2014 IFB14-2962A Miles City Data Center UPS-A Battery Replacement
02/07/2014 RFP14-2793H Montana Historical Society Conservation-Preservation Services
02/07/2014 IFB 140140 Bird Survey
02/07/2014 IFB 140111 Giant Springs State Park Playground Equipment
02/06/2014 IFB14-2963A Prisoner Transport Vans
02/04/2014 RFP14-2696R Montana WIC Program Local Agency Administration
01/31/2014 IFB14-2797H House Paper Stock
01/31/2014 IFB14-2908J Websense Security Gateway
01/31/2014 RFP 413019 Laboratory Services for DEQ's Remediation Division
01/29/2014 IFB 140147 Gooseneck Trailer
01/29/2014 ECMS RFI Request for Information - Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS)
01/28/2014 OPI-146531223 OPI Systems of Care Grant Evaluator
01/28/2014 OPI-14663A1220 Support to MT Schools for Adaptive Compter Testing
01/24/2014 IFB 140126 Spring Meadow Comfort Station
01/24/2014 IFB14-2795H Archival Material Contract
01/24/2014 RFP14-2656G Montana Film Office Marketing Services
01/23/2014 RFP14-2747V Advise Public Service Commission on Northwestern's Energy's Application for Approval of its Acquisit
01/15/2014 IFB 140086 Tree Trimming Services - Region 4 Parks
01/15/2014 IFB 140077 Angler Education Instructor
01/15/2014 IFB 140095 Used Road Grader
01/08/2014 IFB14-2854A Fish, Wildlife and Parks Aircraft Maintenance
01/07/2014 RFP14-2746V Electric Utility Resource Cost Modeling Consultant Services
01/06/2014 IFB14-2697R Job Ready Youth Employment Program
01/02/2014 IFB14-2871A Fall Vehicles Model Year 2014
12/23/2013 IFB14-2870A Small Vacuum Broom
12/20/2013 RFP14-2742V Record Keeping Services
12/18/2013 CS4370010248 MSU H&PE Pool Lighting Upgrade - Materials only (Revised)
12/12/2013 OPI-146831114 Cooperative Food Purchase Bid
12/10/2013 RFP14-2653G Public Defender Eligibility Determination Services
11/25/2013 MSF 57 Medical Bill Payment Audit Services
11/25/2013 IFB14-2869A Model Year 2013 or 2014 Large SUV
11/25/2013 MSF 56 Collection Services
11/19/2013 IFB14-2792H Archival Material Contract
11/18/2013 IFB14-2852A Wildlife Capture and Transport Services
11/15/2013 RFP-1401KH Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Family Economic Security (FES) programs
11/14/2013 RFP-1402KH Second Chance Homes
11/13/2013 IFB14-2857A Offender Transport Services
11/05/2013 RFP14-2827V Montana State Fund Disaster Recovery Services Contract
11/04/2013 IFB14-2655G Program Coordination Services for the State Employees' Charitable Giving Campaign (SECGC)
11/01/2013 IFB14-2776A Pursuit Vehicles - Model Year 2014
11/01/2013 IFB14-2777A Fall Vehicles Model Year 2014
10/31/2013 IFB14-2858A MSU Leased Vehicles - Model Year 2014
10/28/2013 RFP14-2654G Convicted Offender DNA Testing Outsourcing
10/22/2013 RFP14-2829T Identifiler Plus/3500 Genetic Analyzer Validation Services
10/21/2013 IFB 140075 Bozeman FWP Headquarters Janitorial Services
10/09/2013 RFP14-2652G Executive Search Firm Services
10/07/2013 OPI-146330918 State Audiological Services: Hearing Conservation Program, Area 8
10/02/2013 IFB-1404KH Disability Determination Services Bureau CAT6 Installation
09/11/2013 RFP 137090531 Continuous Improvement and Data-Use Evaluator For K-20 Project
09/11/2013 136830617 Cooperative Food Purchase Bid
09/09/2013 MSF 55 Urine Drug Screening and Reporting Services
08/30/2013 414003 Phase 1 of the Repository for the UBMC Mine Wastes
07/31/2013 MSF 52 Predictive Model Claim Analytic Services
07/11/2013 IFB13-2738V Security Armored Delivery Service
07/11/2013 IFB13-2740V Hook on Fishing Instructor
07/03/2013 Used Backhoe
06/18/2013 Fish, Wildlife & Parks Uniform Tee Shirts
06/05/2013 RFP13-2731V Pheasant Habitat Enhancement Project
05/16/2013 IFB13-2736V **CANCELLED** Vegetation Monitoring, Sampling & Mapping at FT Harrison/Limestone Hills Training Area
05/15/2013 Fish, Wildlife & Parks Uniform Tee Shirts
04/26/2013 IFB13-2735V Interruptible Natural Gas
04/25/2013 IFB13-2734V Hardy Creek Millings Storage Site Reclamation
04/05/2013 Restoration Plans
04/05/2013 OPI-1351610327 Microsoft Software
04/03/2013 MSF 50 Advertising/Public Relations
03/27/2013 MSF 51 Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Audit Services
03/27/2013 Region 3 Septic Latrine Pumping
03/27/2013 OPI1351610313 Microsoft Software
10/11/2012 Hay For Sale
09/11/2012 MSF 48 Organizational Development Research and Employee Engagement Survey
07/02/2012 RFP 51020-1220MUS Refining Scope, Approach and Format of Montana's COTs and Two-Year Program Implementation Plans