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Contract Name: Computer Equipment, Peripherals and Related Services - EMC
Contract Number: B27161
Last Revised Date: 12/05/2012
Current Contract Period: 09/01/2012--09/30/2015
Original Contract Period: NA
Additional Info: Under paragraph 2 “Participation” the state is in the process of amending the language to allow state agencies to purchase from this manufacturer. In the interim, ITSD has provided an exception for all state agencies to purchase from this TC until such time an official amendment can be completed.
Contract Abstract: Additional information can be found at http://www.mmd.admin.state.mn.us/wsca/2009-2014_contracts.asp
Contract Officer: Rick Dorvall | rickdorvall@mt.gov | (406) 444-3366
COOP: checked
Exclusive: checked
Contract WebLink: Approved Resellers
Contract Document: WSCA B27161
Additional Links: None available.