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Contract Name: Telephone Based Interpreter Services - CTS Language Link
Contract Number: NASPO-ValuePoint 50-000-14-00002AA
Last Revised Date: 03/09/2018
Current Contract Period: 03/04/2015--03/03/2019
Original Contract Period: 03/04/2015--03/04/2017
Additional Info: This contract does NOT include in-person interpreting, sign language interpreting or document translation services.
Contract Abstract: This non-exclusive Term Contract provides State agencies and all registered cooperative purchasing organizations with an expedited means of obtaining telephone based interpreter services.
Contract Officer: Tia Snyder | Tsnyder@mt.gov | (406)
COOP: checked
Exclusive: unchecked
Contract WebLink: NA
Contract Document: Amendment #3
Additional Links: Amendment #2    Telephone Based Interpreter Services - CTS Language Link    Amendment #1