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Contract Name: Environmental Services Term Contracts
Contract Number: SPB12-2177V
Last Revised Date: 04/18/2018
Current Contract Period: 07/01/2015--06/30/2019
Original Contract Period: 01/08/2013--06/30/2015
Additional Info: Contractor shall provide to the State the services based on the agency SOW.
Contract Abstract: The purpose of this term contract is to establish a list of Environmental Services Providers in several service areas. Work will be assigned through task orders. This is a multiple contractor term contract available for use by state agencies and other public procurement units.
Contract Officer: Tia Snyder | Tsnyder@mt.gov | (406)
COOP: checked
Exclusive: unchecked
Contract WebLink: Environmental Services Home
Contract Document: Category Listing
Additional Links: Master ES Contractor List Update.xls