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Contract Name: Envelopes, Standard Printed-Print & Mail Services Standard Printed Envelopes
Contract Number: SPB18-0079J
Last Revised Date: 08/06/2018
Current Contract Period: 07/01/2019--06/30/2020
Original Contract Period: 08/06/2018--06/30/2019
Additional Info: DO NOT submit envelope orders to the Contractor. Orders for printed envelopes listed in this contract are to be ordered through State Print & Mail using their envelope order form. The envelope order form is located on State Print & Mail's website, under Order Forms. http://gsd.mt.gov/printandmail
Contract Abstract: NA
Contract Officer: Kim Zanni | kizanni@mt.gov | (406) 444-3139
COOP: unchecked
Exclusive: checked
Contract WebLink: NA
Contract Document: SPB18-0079J-Standard Printed Envelopes
Additional Links: Standard Printed Envelopes - Amendment 1