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Contract Name: Tires, Tubes & Services/WSCA Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Contract Number: SPB--NRTERM-2017-0041
Last Revised Date: 04/01/2015
Current Contract Period: 04/01/2012--03/31/2019
Original Contract Period: NA
Additional Info: NA
Contract Abstract: Contact: Justin Harris, (406) 444-3345 / Justin.Harris@mt.gov
Contract Officer: | |
COOP: checked
Exclusive: unchecked
Contract WebLink: NA
Contract Document: Goodyear_Coverpage_Contract_2017.pdf
Additional Links: Goodyear_WSCA_M211_Pricing_040115 through 033116.pdf    Montana Price Book Shell 4.1.17 to 3.31.18 V3xlsx.xlsx    Montana Price Book Shell 4.1.17 to 3.31.18 V3xlsx.pdf    Montana Authorized Dealer list 1-20-2017.xlsx    Goodyear_WSCA_M2111_Service Pricing_040115 through 033116.pdf    WSCA#MA-540_4 2017-Cover page new.doc    WSCA#MA-540_4 2017.pdf    WSCA_MS211_Goodyear_Renewal.pdf