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Contract Name: Facilities Maintenance, Lighting Products, Industrial Supplies and Tools-MSC Industrial Supply
Contract Number: WSCA 1862-B
Last Revised Date: 11/28/2016
Current Contract Period: 03/01/2014--09/30/2018
Original Contract Period: 04/01/2011--02/28/2014
Additional Info: Contract catalog is available for purchase on the Montana eMarketCenter.
Contract Abstract: NA
Contract Officer: Tom Hastings | thastings@mt.gov | (406) 444-0338
COOP: checked
Exclusive: unchecked
Contract WebLink: NA
Contract Document: MSC Industrial Supply Company TC 2017.pdf
Additional Links: WSCA 1862-B_MSC Industrial SupplyAddendum.pdf    WSCA 1862-B_MSC Industrial Supply_1.pdf     Amendment 2    Amendment 3     Amendment 1