Contract Awards

The following list reflects contracts for supplies and services recently awarded under the Montana Procurement Act, Title 18, Chapter 4, MCA. The fully executed contracts will be finalized, pending the receipt of adequate documentation. This list does not include building or highway construction contract awards. These are tentative awards pending the receipt of a purchase order or fully executed contract. If you need additional information on the status of an award, please contact the person listed within the contract award details or to the OneStop administrator.

Recent contract awards for supplies and services:

ViewPost DateSolicitation NumberTitle/Description
04/17/2014 IFB 140026 Janitorial Services-Butte
04/17/2014 311198 Routing and Crack Sealing Cardwell Road, Bozeman Area
04/16/2014 311197 Routing and Crack Sealing Harrison, Bozeman Area
04/16/2014 RFP14-2695R Recovering From Mental Illness Through Employment
04/15/2014 IFB14-2941R Hail Reinsurance Program
04/15/2014 311185 Overlay & Chip Seal Olney North, Kalispell Area
04/15/2014 B0003168 Mobile Downdraft Tables
04/14/2014 IFB14-2977A Trailer Mounted Core Drill
04/14/2014 B0003169 Fertilizer and Application for Fort Keogh
04/11/2014 IFB14-2999T Polycom Video Equipment Premier and Partner Maintenance
04/11/2014 IFB #140036FSU FIBERGLASS TANKS
04/10/2014 311182 Production of Commercial Plant Mix Material as Needed Sidney
04/10/2014 311167 Epoxy Paint Striping Havre Area
04/10/2014 311172 Epoxy Paint Striping Butte Area
04/09/2014 311184 STEELPOSTS
04/09/2014 311140 Raynolds Pass Rest Area Maintenance
04/09/2014 CS4370010255 MSU APC Computer Equipment for AJM Johnson Hall
04/07/2014 IFB14-2976A 5.11 Reversible High Visibility Rain Coats
04/03/2014 IFB14-2974A Vehicles Model Year 2014
04/02/2014 RFP14-2965A Offender Tracking System
04/02/2014 311183 Removal & Installation of Modular Furniture at MDT Facilities Statewide
04/01/2014 RC1148 GNSS Equipment & Construction Survey GNSS Equipment
04/01/2014 311176 Lift Gates
04/01/2014 SPB14-2333J Shredding Services - Statewide
03/31/2014 RFP14-2942R MT Office of Public Instruction SharePoint Architecture Re-Design
03/31/2014 IFB14-2936R-Rebid Tissue Processor and Embedding Center
03/31/2014 311166 Epoxy Paint Striping Bozeman Area
03/31/2014 311168 Epoxy Paint Striping Miles City Area
03/31/2014 311169 Epoxy Paint Striping Wolf Point Area
03/28/2014 311143 12-Passengr Cutaway Bus
03/27/2014 311193 Used Snowcat / Trail Groomer
03/27/2014 RFP14-08A Mobile Catering Food Truck (Rebid)
03/25/2014 311165 Epoxy Paint Striping Great Falls Area
03/25/2014 311164 Epoxy Paint Striping City of Great Falls
03/25/2014 IFB14-2874A Fish Feed
03/24/2014 311160 Epoxy Paint Striping Missoula Area
03/24/2014 311148 Locate Truck Parking Area Maintenance, Miles City Division
03/24/2014 311161 Epoxy Paint Striping Kalispell Area
03/24/2014 311162 Epoxy Paint Striping Kalispell Area (Reservation)
03/21/2014 311171 Special Installation of Pipe, North of Fred Robinson Bridge, Lewistown Division
03/20/2014 311158 Epoxy Paint Striping Billings Area
03/20/2014 311159 Epoxy Paint Striping Lewistown Area
03/19/2014 RFP 214006 Review of Montana's Energy Performance Contracting Program
03/19/2014 IFB 140162 Skid Steer Loader
03/19/2014 140151 IFB Helena Area Parks Trash Collection
03/18/2014 B0003165 Four Row 3 Point Hitch Plot Drill
03/17/2014 RFP14-2875P MUS Third Party Administrator (TPA) Services for Claims Administration and/or Utilization Review
03/17/2014 IFB14-2980A Used Vehicles
03/13/2014 2983 Kenworth W900B Truck - Used
03/13/2014 SPB14-2905J Agricultural Chemicals
03/11/2014 RFP13-2679R Montana Maternal and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MECHV) Evaluator
03/10/2014 IFB2980 NEXSAN E48 SAN Storage System
03/07/2014 140150 IFB Helena Area Parks Septic Pumping Services
03/07/2014 IFB14-2972A Used Vehicles
03/04/2014 RFP14-2657G Montana Lottery Advertising and Media Services
03/03/2014 IFB14-2973A End Rider Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks
02/28/2014 IFB14-2330J Online Auctioneering Services for Department of Revenue
02/26/2014 IFB14-2966A Forklift
02/25/2014 DMA 140023 Portable Generators
02/24/2014 OPI-1461510115 Evaluation of Indian Education for All Initiative
02/21/2014 IFB14-2872A Uniforms for the Montana Highway Patrol
02/21/2014 145039FSU DNRC TREE PLANTING 2014
02/20/2014 RFP14-2878P Alcohol Merchant Education. Compliance Inspections, and Statewide Social Media Parent/Youth Forum
02/19/2014 IFB14-2975A Cargo Vans-Dealer Stock New
02/18/2014 RFP14-2877P Services to Pregnant and Parenting Teens
02/18/2014 311114 Installation of Underground Conduit And Pull Boxes North of Forsyth
02/18/2014 311115 Installation of Underground Conduit and Pull Boxes South of Capitol Interchange in Helena
02/18/2014 IFB-1405JG Back-up Generator, EMVH - Glendive, MT
02/14/2014 311107 Dump Bodies,Fatbed,Service Body w/Top Enclosure
02/13/2014 IFB14-2906J Janitorial Services-Helena Job Service (Rebid)
02/11/2014 311106 Chip Seal North of Ekalaka, Miles City Division
02/11/2014 RFP14-2659G Technical Assistance for Small Business Innovation Research
02/11/2014 RFP14-2700R Tobacco Use Peer Crowd Research
02/10/2014 IFB14-2962A Miles City Data Center UPS-A Battery Replacement
02/07/2014 RFP14-2793H Montana Historical Society Conservation-Preservation Services
02/07/2014 IFB 140140 Bird Survey
02/07/2014 IFB 140111 Giant Springs State Park Playground Equipment
02/06/2014 IFB14-2963A Prisoner Transport Vans
02/06/2014 IFB 2976 Living/Learning Center Furniture
02/04/2014 RFP14-2696R Montana WIC Program Local Agency Administration
01/31/2014 IFB14-2797H House Paper Stock
01/31/2014 IFB14-2908J Websense Security Gateway
01/31/2014 RFP 413019 Laboratory Services for DEQ's Remediation Division
01/29/2014 ECMS RFI Request for Information - Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS)
01/29/2014 IFB 140147 Gooseneck Trailer
01/28/2014 OPI-146531223 OPI Systems of Care Grant Evaluator
01/28/2014 IFB - Broadwater Spillway Rubber Gate Replacement Broadwater Spillway Rubber Gate Replacement Project
01/24/2014 IFB 140126 Spring Meadow Comfort Station
01/24/2014 IFB14-2795H Archival Material Contract
01/24/2014 RFP14-2656G Montana Film Office Marketing Services
01/23/2014 RFP14-2747V Advise Public Service Commission on Northwestern's Energy's Application for Approval of its Acquisit
01/21/2014 311076 Broom Fillers
01/15/2014 IFB 140086 Tree Trimming Services - Region 4 Parks
01/15/2014 IFB 140077 Angler Education Instructor
01/15/2014 IFB 140095 Used Road Grader
01/08/2014 IFB14-2854A Fish, Wildlife and Parks Aircraft Maintenance
01/07/2014 RFP14-2746V Electric Utility Resource Cost Modeling Consultant Services
01/06/2014 IFB14-2697R Job Ready Youth Employment Program
01/02/2014 IFB14-2871A Fall Vehicles Model Year 2014
01/02/2014 311055 Mower Blades
12/23/2013 IFB14-2870A Small Vacuum Broom
12/20/2013 RFP14-2742V Record Keeping Services
12/18/2013 CS4370010248 MSU H&PE Pool Lighting Upgrade - Materials only (Revised)
12/17/2013 IFB #145036FSU Jim Beaver Site Preparation
12/17/2013 IFB 145029FSU Sustainable Yield Plot Collection for the Northwest Land Office
12/17/2013 IFB 145032FSU Sustainable Yield Plot Collection for the Southwest Land Office
12/17/2013 IFB #145031FSU Sustainable Yield Plot Collection for the Central Land Office
12/12/2013 OPI-146831114 Cooperative Food Purchase Bid
12/10/2013 IFB #145033FSU Lupfer 3 Dozer and/or Excavator Piling and Scarification
12/10/2013 RFP14-2653G Public Defender Eligibility Determination Services
11/25/2013 IFB14-2869A Model Year 2013 or 2014 Large SUV
11/25/2013 MSF 56 Collection Services
11/25/2013 MSF 57 Medical Bill Payment Audit Services
11/19/2013 IFB14-2792H Archival Material Contract
11/18/2013 IFB14-2852A Wildlife Capture and Transport Services
11/15/2013 RFP-1401KH Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Family Economic Security (FES) programs
11/14/2013 RFP-1402KH Second Chance Homes
11/13/2013 IFB14-2857A Offender Transport Services
11/05/2013 RFP14-2827V Montana State Fund Disaster Recovery Services Contract
11/04/2013 IFB14-2655G Program Coordination Services for the State Employees' Charitable Giving Campaign (SECGC)
11/01/2013 IFB14-2776A Pursuit Vehicles - Model Year 2014
11/01/2013 IFB14-2777A Fall Vehicles Model Year 2014
10/31/2013 IFB14-2858A MSU Leased Vehicles - Model Year 2014
10/28/2013 RFP14-2654G Convicted Offender DNA Testing Outsourcing
10/22/2013 RFP14-2829T Identifiler Plus/3500 Genetic Analyzer Validation Services
10/21/2013 IFB 140075 Bozeman FWP Headquarters Janitorial Services
10/11/2013 IFB 140073 Gooseneck Trailer
10/09/2013 RFP14-2652G Executive Search Firm Services
10/07/2013 OPI-146330918 State Audiological Services: Hearing Conservation Program, Area 8
10/02/2013 IFB-1404KH Disability Determination Services Bureau CAT6 Installation
09/11/2013 RFP 137090531 Continuous Improvement and Data-Use Evaluator For K-20 Project
09/11/2013 136830617 Cooperative Food Purchase Bid
09/09/2013 MSF 55 Urine Drug Screening and Reporting Services
08/30/2013 414003 Phase 1 of the Repository for the UBMC Mine Wastes
07/31/2013 MSF 52 Predictive Model Claim Analytic Services
07/24/2013 New Utility Tractor with Front End Loader
07/11/2013 IFB13-2738V Security Armored Delivery Service
07/11/2013 IFB13-2740V Hook on Fishing Instructor
07/03/2013 Used Backhoe
06/25/2013 RFP2959 Commercial Lease of On-Premise Food Service Outlets in the UCFC
06/18/2013 Fish, Wildlife & Parks Uniform Tee Shirts
06/05/2013 RFP13-2731V Pheasant Habitat Enhancement Project
05/28/2013 IFB2961 Curry Health Center Renovation Project
05/16/2013 IFB13-2736V **CANCELLED** Vegetation Monitoring, Sampling & Mapping at FT Harrison/Limestone Hills Training Area
05/15/2013 Fish, Wildlife & Parks Uniform Tee Shirts
04/26/2013 IFB13-2735V Interruptible Natural Gas
04/25/2013 IFB13-2734V Hardy Creek Millings Storage Site Reclamation
04/12/2013 IFB2954 Stadium Distributed Antenna System
04/05/2013 OPI-1351610327 Microsoft Software
04/05/2013 Restoration Plans
04/04/2013 RFP2947 Prime Source Food Contractor
04/03/2013 MSF 50 Advertising/Public Relations
03/27/2013 MSF 51 Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Audit Services
03/27/2013 Region 3 Septic Latrine Pumping
03/27/2013 OPI1351610313 Microsoft Software
10/11/2012 Hay For Sale
09/11/2012 MSF 48 Organizational Development Research and Employee Engagement Survey
07/02/2012 RFP 51020-1220MUS Refining Scope, Approach and Format of Montana's COTs and Two-Year Program Implementation Plans