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Request for Information - Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS)
Solicitation Number:
Award Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Issuing Agency:
Vendor(s) & Award(s):
None available
Agency Contact:
Michele Burchett | | (406) 444-0109
Award Documents:
AST Response-State of MT RFI ECMS  (1/29/2014)
CDWG Montana DOA ITSD  (1/29/2014)
Chavez Consulting MT ECMS RFI Final  (1/29/2014)
ECMS RFI-Privia Response  (1/29/2014)
Eco-File Response to ECMS RFI  (1/29/2014)
Gimmal Montana Response 01-17-2013  (2/3/2014)
IBM Response to State of Montana Electronic Content Management System FINAL  (2/12/2014)
iDatix Product Overview  (1/29/2014)
iDatix Response to SOM ECM RFI  (1/29/2014)
Knowledge Lake ECMs RFI Response  (1/29/2014)
Knowledge Lake RFI Requirements Questions  (1/29/2014)
Laserfiche Proposal State of Montana ITSD  (1/29/2014)
MT ECMS RFI Data Bank Response  (1/29/2014)
Open Text Montana RFI Final Response  (1/29/2014)
Perceptive Response to SOM ECM RFI  (1/29/2014)
S7S Montana ECMS RFI_Appendix 1 Specification  (2/3/2014)
S7S Montana ECMS RFI_Pricing Options  (2/3/2014)
S7S Proposal-Montana ECMS RFI_Final  (2/3/2014)
State of Montana Final  (2/3/2014)
Summit 7 Systems Capabilities Briefing-State Local Edu 2013  (2/3/2014)
Unisys Response to State of Montana2  (2/3/2014)
Additional Information:
NOTE: These are responses received in response to this Request for Information and not contract awards. No contracts will result from any response to this RFI.