Recent Appointments

Governor Bullock strives to appoint a variety of Montanans to our many Boards, Councils and Commissions. Below is a list of his recent appointments made in the last 30 days. For full board memberships, please visit the home page. And if you’re interested in serving, apply now!

Carol BrookerCounty Printing, Board of05/19/201704/01/2019
Laura ObertCounty Printing, Board of05/19/201704/01/2019
Jim StraussCounty Printing, Board of05/19/201704/01/2019
Scott TurnerCounty Printing, Board of05/19/201704/01/2019
Roger WagnerCounty Printing, Board of05/19/201704/01/2019
Jessica RhoadesHELP Act Oversight Committee, Montana05/19/201706/30/2019
Harry FreebournRealty Regulation, Board of05/19/201705/01/2021
Jeff ManganPolitical Practices, Commissioner of (COPP)05/15/201701/01/2023
Tim AldrichFish and Wildlife Commission05/12/201701/01/2021
Shane ColtonFish and Wildlife Commission05/12/201701/01/2021
Clifford ChristenotDentistry, Board of05/12/201704/01/2022
Diedri DurocherDentistry, Board of05/12/201704/01/2022
Leslie HayesDentistry, Board of05/12/201704/01/2022
Julie GardnerRealty Regulation, Board of05/12/201705/01/2020
Ric SmithRealty Regulation, Board of05/12/201705/01/2021
Alan JohnstoneFuture Fisheries Review Panel05/12/201707/01/2018
James StoneFuture Fisheries Review Panel05/12/201707/01/2018
Nancy WinslowFuture Fisheries Review Panel05/12/201707/01/2018
William Big DayBurial Preservation Board05/05/201709/01/2018