Recent Appointments

Governor Bullock strives to appoint a variety of Montanans to our many Boards, Councils and Commissions. Below is a list of his recent appointments made in the last 30 days. For full board memberships, please visit the home page. And if you’re interested in serving, apply now!

Pamela CarbonariCommunity Service, Commission on08/14/202007/01/2023
Doug MitchellCommunity Service, Commission on08/14/202007/01/2023
Karen MosesCommunity Service, Commission on08/14/202007/01/2023
Eric StraussCommunity Service, Commission on08/14/202007/01/2023
Juanita VeroCommunity Service, Commission on08/14/202007/01/2022
Chuck JohnsonHistorical Society Board of Trustees08/14/202007/01/2025
Sam PharesHistorical Society Board of Trustees08/14/202007/01/2025
Jude SheppardHistorical Society Board of Trustees08/14/202007/01/2025
Nicole GuayNursing, Board of (BON)08/14/202007/01/2024
Sandy SacryNursing, Board of (BON)08/14/202007/01/2024
Jeffrey NikolaisenPharmacy, Board of08/14/202007/01/2025
Holly Dershem-BrucePrivate Security, Board of08/01/202008/01/2023
James ThomasPrivate Security, Board of08/01/202008/01/2023
Mitch BohnABLE (achieving a better life experience) Program Oversight Committee07/24/202009/01/2023
Kaydee RuizCrime Control, Board of07/24/202001/01/2023
Connie BeheLibrary Commission, State07/24/202006/01/2023
Dalton JohnsonLibrary Commission, State07/24/202006/01/2023
Mindy LeachOptometry, Board of07/24/202004/01/2024
J.D. JacobyUnmanned Aerial Systems Council, Montana07/24/202012/31/2020
Curly (Jim) BurnsAging, Governor's Advisory Council on07/24/202007/01/2023
Ryan ClarkAging, Governor's Advisory Council on07/24/202007/01/2023
Robert MeyersAging, Governor's Advisory Council on07/24/202007/01/2023
Jim OpitzAging, Governor's Advisory Council on07/24/202007/01/2021
Peggy TombreAging, Governor's Advisory Council on07/24/202007/01/2023