Recent Appointments

Governor Gianforte strives to appoint a variety of Montanans to our many Boards, Councils and Commissions. Below is a list of his recent appointments made in the last 30 days. For full board memberships, please visit the home page. And if you’re interested in serving, apply now!

Richard StukerGrass Conservation Commission, Montana01/01/202212/31/2024
Justin WieseAlfalfa Seed Committee, Montana01/01/202211/30/2024
Bob TerwilligerTelecommunications Access Services for persons with Disabilities, Committee on01/01/202206/30/2025
Carlos RamalhoRehabilitation Council, State (SRC)01/01/202209/30/2024
Dallas SteigerAlfalfa Seed Committee, Montana01/01/202211/30/2024
Marcy RobertsRehabilitation Council, State (SRC)01/01/202209/30/2024
Taylor PurchioAthletic Trainers, Board of01/01/202209/30/2026
Jennifer PfauSpeech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, Board of01/01/202212/31/2024
Kerianne FullerAthletic Trainers, Board of01/01/202209/30/2026
Nichole BorstAthletic Trainers, Board of01/01/202209/30/2026
Marcus NynasChiropractors, Board of01/01/202212/31/2024
Celina ClineRehabilitation Council, State (SRC)01/01/202209/30/2024
Lacey KellerRehabilitation Council, State (SRC)01/01/202209/30/2024