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Property Tax Assistance Calculator

Welcome to the Property Tax Assistance Estimator and Income Calculator

Three easy steps to see if you can save $$$ on your property tax

If you’re a property owner, you can use this tool to quickly help you:

  • Determine if you can receive the Elderly Homeowner Tax Credit (2EC) and if you might be eligible for the Property Tax Assistance Program (PTAP)
  • Estimate the approximate benefits you would receive with these the two programs
  • Estimate whether it would be more beneficial for you to apply for one or both of these programs

Many taxpayers who own property do not participate in PTAP because they fear they will receive fewer benefits on their 2EC income tax credit. It is often true that they might receive a smaller 2EC credit in the second year, but overall they are likely to receive more assistance each year thereafter. Participating in PTAP will reduce the property taxes you pay, so the amount of property taxes you can claim the following year in calculating your 2EC income tax credit will be less. However, the numbers show that taxpayers who participate in both programs receive a large increase in assistance in the first year and more overall assistance thereafter despite a possible reduction in the 2EC credit. For many taxpayers, the 2EC credit remains the same despite a reduction in the property taxes they pay. The property tax assistance estimator helps you determine whether to apply for one or both programs by also estimating what you would receive the following year from both programs if your income were to remain the same.

To use this tool or when calling a local office to make the calculations for you, please have handy:

  • The property tax bill that your county sent you
  • Your Montana income tax return and any federal schedules you attached to it

If you did not need to file an income tax return, have handy your Form SSA-1099 (social security benefit statement), interest dividend, or other income documentation for that year.

Your property tax bill includes three important numbers that you will need to enter when using the estimator:

  1. The total taxable value of your property
  2. The number of mills that went in to calculating your property tax
  3. The total amount you paid in property taxes

If you can’t readily find the numbers below, you can consult two different but typical property tax bills that highlight where these numbers are located.

If you are already participating in the PTAP program, the PTAP estimator will not work and you should simply call local DOR office and ask its staff to calculate the benefit for you.

Step 1 - Questionnaire to Determine if PTAP Estimator May be Used

Was the property occupied in 2014 by the claimant as a primary residence for seven months?

For one qualified owner, was 2014 household income below $21,032? Or for two qualified owners, was 2014 household income below $28,043?

Is the taxpayer's name on the home deed?

Does the parcel contain more than five acres of land?

Are there structures other than the residence and garage on this property?

Was the taxpayer 62 or older on December 31, 2014?

Is the taxpayer currently enrolled in PTAP?

Can this taxpayer use the PTAP estimator?