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Notice for SSO Donations:
The Montana Supreme Court ruled in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue that section 15-30-3111, MCA (the Student Scholarship Organization Program) is unconstitutional. The Espinoza plaintiffs have requested that the Montana Supreme Court stay its decision pending their appeal to the United States Supreme Court. Final resolution of this issue is pending before the Supreme Court of the United States. Because the Espinoza decision was determined by the Montana Supreme Court late in calendar year 2018, the department has not discontinued the scholarship tax credit program for tax year 2018. However, if the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the Espinoza decision, the department may disallow the credit for tax year 2018 and future years and will recapture the credit for years prior to tax year 2018.
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The Education Donations Portal allows individuals to:

  • Donate to the innovative educational programs for public schools and preapprove the tax credit
  • Preapprove a tax credit for a donation to a student scholarship organization for private schools
  • Retrieve a lost or forgotten confirmation code for your tax return

The Education Donations Portal allows Student Scholarship Organizations to:

  • File an application with the Department of Revenue
  • Submit an annual fiscal review to the department

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