Field Name What is it?
fyear  year
fnumber  Incident number
unumber Unit number
area land office (SWS,NWS,CES,EAS,NES,SOS)
dispatch_number dispatch office and internal number of incident
firename  name of fire
sabhrs  sabhrs number
other_agency other agency payment numbers
county county as a number
county_name county name as text
role role as a number, 1=direct, 2=county assist, 3=mutual aid, 4=false alarm
role_name role name as text
action action as a number: 1=suppression, 2=modified suppression, 3=non-action, 4=false alarm
action_name action name as text 
cause cause as a number code
cause_name cause as a name as text
specific_cause specific cause
ownership 1=private, 2=state, 3=federal, 4=other
oownership_name private, state, federal or other
specific_owner more specific information about the owner
lat_deg degrees latitude
lat_min decimal minutes latitude
latitude latitude as decimal degrees
long_deg degrees, longitude
long_min deciaml minutes longitude
longitude longitude as decimal degrees
legal_quarter legal quarter
section section
township township
range range
incident incident name code: 141=Forest, woods or wildland fire, 142=Brush or brush & grass mixture fire
incident_name 143=Grass fire, 171=Cultivated grain or crop fire, 172=Cultivated orchard or vineyard fire, 173=Cultivated trees or nursery stock fire, 700=False alarm
area_type areacode: 1=rural, 4=Wildland Urban Interface
area_name Rural or Wildland Urban Interface
aid aid code: 1=Aid Received, 3=Aid Given, N=none
aid_name Aid Received, Aid Given or None
aid_fdid FDID number of fire department or county receiving aid on county assists
aid_fnumber fire number given by fire department 
report_dtm reported date
report_time reported time
whom 1 Lookout (DNRC)
2 Lookout, other agency
3 Employee, DNRC
4 Employee, other agency
5 911 or planned cooperator
6 DNRC permittee
7 Air patrol, scheduled
8 Other aircraft
9 Recreationist
10 Landowner
99 Unknown person
whom_name see whom
specific_whom more specific information about who reported the fire
dispatch_dtm dispatched date
dispatch_time dispatched time
arrival_dtm arrival date
arrival_time arrival time
contain_dtm contained date
contain_time contained time
control_dtm controlled or cleared date
control_time controlled or cleared time
out_dtm declared out date
Out_time declared out time
arrival_size arrival size of fire
private_acre private acres
state_acre state acres
fed_acre federal acres
other_acre other acres
total_acre total acres
fireclass class A=.01-.25; B=.26-9.9; C=10--99.9; D=100-299.9; E=300-999.9; F=1000-4999.9; G= >5000
fuel_model fuel model: 1-13 
flame flame height
slope slope in percent
aspect E=East, L=Level, N=North,NE=Northeast, NW=Northwest, S=South, SE=Southeast, SW=Southwest, W=West
aspect_name see aspect
elevation elevation in feet
eq_engine number of engines at peak resources
eq_dozer number of dozers at peak resources
eq_other number of other equipment  at peak resources
eq_support number of support vehicles  at peak resources
eq_total total number of resources: total of engine, dozers, other and support
ff_dnrc number of dnrc personnel  at peak resources
ff_fed number of federal personnel  at peak resources
ff_local number of local personnel at peak resources
ff_private number of private personnel at peak resources
ff_other number of other personnel at peak resources
ff_total total number of personnel
ac_helicopter number of helicopters at peak resources
ac_airtanker number of airtankers at peak resources
ac_smokejumper number of smokejumper planes at peak resources
ac_other number of other aircraft at peak resources
ac_total total number of aircraft at peak resources
fsc_death number of fire service deaths
fsc_injury number of fire service injuries
civ_death number of civilian deaths
civ_injury number of civilian injuries
sl_commercial number of structures lost commercial
sl_home number of structures lost homes
sl_outbuilding number of structures lost outbuildings
ss_commercial number of structures saved commercial
ss_home number of structures saved homes
ss_outbuilding number of structures saved outbuildings
bill billable fire? Y or null
person Person category who started fire
0= No Person Y
1= Visitor
2= Seasonal Resident
3= Permanent Resident
4= Other
5= Unknown
person_name see "person"
age Age category who started fire:
1=  Child 1 - 10 years old
2= Youth 11 - 17 years old
3= Adult 18 + years old
age_name see "age"
activity Activity involved in fire start:
00= Other Unknown
F0= Farm / Ranch
H1= Firewood Residential
H2= Debris Burning Residential
H3= Other Residential
I1= Firewood Industrial
I2= Logging Industrial
I3= Sawmills Industrial
I4= Manufacturing Industrial
I5= Construction Industrial
I6= Mining Industrial
I7= Transportation Industrial
I8= Other Industrial
R1= Firewood Recreation
R2= Hunting/Fishing Recreation
R3= Camping Recreation
R4= Picnicking Recreation
R5= Hiking Recreation
R6= Sightseeing Recreation
R7= Motoring Recreation
R8= Other Recreation
R9= Unknown Recreation
activity_name see "activity"
iaic incident commander
created_by person who created report
created_date creation date
prepared_by person who prepared report
prepared_date prepared date
reviewed by person who reviewed report
reviewed_date reviewed date
approved_by person who approved report
approved_date approved date
sup_narrative supplemental report => narrative attached when = 'Y' otherwise = null
sup_f1021 supplemental report => f1021 attached when = 'Y' otherwise = null
sup_map supplemental report => map attached when = 'Y' otherwise = null
sup_f1001 supplemental report => f1001 attached when = 'Y' otherwise = null
sup_inv supplemental report => fire investigation report attached when = 'Y' otherwise = null
remarks remarks
appr_status created=10, propared=20, reviewed=30, approved=40
status_description approval status: created, prepared, reviewed, approved
total_cost total cost
fema Y' if this is a FEMA fire
wui either 1 = is in WUI or 0 is not in WUI
housing_density number of houses per square mile
costshare Y' if this is a costshare fire (multiple jurisdictions)