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Jan 14, 2014


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Lisa Peterson
Permitting and Compliancence


DEQ Gives Final Approval to Golden Sunlight Mine Expansion Permit


HELENA – The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has given final approval for adjustments to the Golden Sunlight Mine’s operating permit. The mine is located near Whitehall, Mont.

The DEQ’s Record of Decision (ROD) on the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), available online at this link, approves a proposal to expand a currently operating pit and to open another. This will allow Golden Sunlight to expand its current mining operation by two years. The ability to mine this ore will add about two years of life to the project.

In response to Golden Sunlight’s proposed amendment, the Department is requiring an Agency-Modified Alternative that secures stronger water quality protections.

The approved plan will also require the mine to implement ground movement monitoring when it ceases operations, to ensure safe access. In addition, the plan calls for the preparation of a detailed bat and raptor reclamation plan for the exposed highwall surrounding the mine.

The final ROD follows the company’s response to the final EIS, which DEQ released in December of last year.

The issuance of this ROD initiates the administrative appeals filing period. For more information, including information on the appeals filing process and timeline, or to request copies of the ROD or final EIS, contact the project coordinator, Kristi Ponozzo, Montana Department of Environmental Quality, P.O. Box 200901, Helena, MT 59601, 406-444-2813, .

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