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Jul 17, 2013


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John Arrigo


Phillips 66 Company Resolves Water Quality Violations


HELENA - Phillips 66 Company (Phillips 66) recently paid $17,075 to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to resolve violations of its wastewater discharge permit for the Billings refinery.

DEQ issues discharge permits under the authority of the Montana Water Quality Act to ensure Montana's streams and rivers stay clean. The violations were caused by refinery wastewater that exceeded the limit for residual chlorine during December 2010 and the oil and grease limit during October 2012.

Phillips 66 used Billing's city water to test a large storage tank for leaks. City water is required to be chlorinated for disinfection, but the company failed to adequately remove the residual chlorine when the tank was drained. Chlorine is toxic to fish, so there is a strict limit on how much can enter a stream. "In addition to paying the penalty, Phillips 66 implemented additional procedures to make sure the residual chlorine violations do not occur again" said John Arrigo, Administrator of the DEQ Enforcement Division.

Persons who have questions about the wastewater discharge permits may contact DEQ's Water Protection Bureau at (406) 444-3080 or can visit the DEQ website at

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