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Oct 01, 2012


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Kristi Ponozzo
Director's Office


Agencies Sign Record of Decision for Troy Mine Reclamation Plan


TROY - The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Kootenai National Forest (KNF) have signed the Record of Decision for the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Troy Mine Revised Reclamation Plan. The Troy Mine is located about 15 miles south of Troy, Montana, in Lincoln County.

The responsible officials for the KNF and Montana DEQ have decided to approve amendments to the Troy Mine’s existing Plans of Operations. They have selected the Agency Mitigated Alternative. The Agency Mitigated Alternative specifies adit closure, mine water management, water treatment and monitoring, reclamation cover requirements, subsidence monitoring, debris disposal, and road closures with the purpose of returning lands disturbed by mining to a condition appropriate for subsequent use of the area. Alternatives considered in detail included a No Action Alternative (the previously approved 1978 reclamation plan), the Proposed Action (Troy Mine, Inc.’s Revised Reclamation Plan), and the Agency-Mitigated Alternative.

Please see the Record of Decision and FEIS for details related to the decisions and selected alternatives: or

The issuance of the Record of Decision initiates the administrative appeals filing period. For more information, including information on the appeals filing process and timeline, or to request copies of the ROD or final EIS, contact the project coordinators, Kristi Ponozzo, Montana Department of Environmental Quality, P.O. Box 200901, Helena, MT 59601, 406-444-2813, or Lynn Hagarty, Kootenai National Forest, 31374 U.S. 2, Libby, MT 59923-3022, 406-283-7642,

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