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Aug 01, 2012


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Frank Gessaman
(406) 444-3390


Gore Hill Water District Resolves Public Water Supply Violations


Helena --- The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has completed its administrative enforcement action against Gore Hill Water District for violations of the Montana Public Water Supply laws. The District serves drinking water to more than 200 homes in a rural subdivision southwest of Great Falls.

In its administrative order, DEQ alleged that the District's public water supply system exceeded the arsenic maximum contaminant level. The administrative order required the District to take corrective action to reduce the level of arsenic in its water supply system.

The District has returned to compliance with the law by installing treatment on its groundwater wells to reduce the level of arsenic in its drinking water system.

For questions about the Public Water Supply Program and laws, please contact the Public Water Supply and Subdivisions Bureau at (406) 444-4400 or visit DEQ’s website at

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