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Jun 08, 2012


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Shelly Nolan
Permitting and Compliance


DEQ Downgrades White Sulphur Springs Boil Order to Health Advisory


Helena -- The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has notified the town of White Sulphur Springs that the Boil Order issued on Wednesday is being downgraded to a health advisory.

A health advisory allows the residents to use the drinking water without boiling but still advises consumers that have health concerns, such those with a weakened immune system, to continue to boil their drinking water or use bottled water.

The water in White Sulfur Springs has been tested as safe from disease producing bacteria and chlorine levels are high throughout the system. Consumers will notice more chlorine in the drinking water than usual due to DEQ requirements. The storage tank, damaged by severe weather on Tuesday evening, has been taken off-line while repairs and cleaning are done. This is temporary until the system can return to normal operation. Water pressures are higher than normal in the distribution system due to the storage tank being off-line.

The town workers will continue to monitor chlorine levels and do additional sampling for bacteria. White Sulphur Springs continues to work with the DEQ, technical assistance providers and other agencies to assure the water is safe to drink and to get back to normal operation of the water system as soon as possible.

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