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Jun 04, 2012


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Larry Alheim


Panther Creek Resources, LLC Resolves Clean Air Act Violation


Helena - The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has settled its administrative enforcement action against Panther Creek Resources, LLC for violations of the Clean Air Act of Montana.

Panther Creek owns the AM Cooley 16-28 oil and gas well facility in Richland County, Montana. Owners or operators of an oil and gas well facility with the potential to emit 25 tons per year or greater of a regulated air pollutant, must apply for a Montana Air Quality Permit or register the facility within 60 days after the initial well completion. In addition, volatile organic compound (VOC) vapors must be captured and routed to proper air pollution control equipment. Panther Creek failed to register the AM Cooley facility and install the proper VOC control equipment.

Larry Alheim of the DEQ's Enforcement Division said that to resolve the violation, Panther Creek registered the AM Cooley facility, installed the proper VOC air pollution control equipment, and paid a $5,316 penalty.

For questions concerning the enforcement action, contact Larry Alheim at (406) 444-2411. For questions concerning oil and gas well facility registration or VOC control equipment requirements, contact the Air Resources Management Bureau at (406) 782-2689 or visit the DEQ website at

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