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Apr 02, 2012


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Judy Watkins


Western Sugar Cooperative Resolves Water Quality Act Violations


Helena --- In 2011, Western Sugar Cooperative, located in Billings, discharged approximately 15 million gallons of lime slurry waste from a breached impoundment. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) alleged the co-op discharged wastes where it will cause pollution.

In March, the DEQ and Western Sugar entered into a consent order, under which the co-op agreed to pay a $20,000 administrative penalty for violations of the Water Quality Act. Western Sugar also agreed to implement corrective actions, including completing an engineering evaluation of the lime slurry impoundment and making modifications to the operation to prevent future releases.

Western Sugar paid the administrative penalty and is on track to satisfy the requirements of the consent order. For additional information about Montana’s Water Quality Act, visit the DEQ website at

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