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Mar 30, 2012


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Lisa Peterson
Director's Office


Major Facility Siting Certificate Signed for Keystone Pipeline


Helena – Today Montana Department of Environmental Quality Director Richard Opper signed the Major Facility Siting Certificate that completes the last formal step in the state’s process for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Governor Brian Schweitzer had announced the state’s decision to issue the certificate in December.

The conditions of the certificate include a $100 million access on-ramp for Montana-produced oil and a requirement for the owner of the pipeline, TransCanada, to have adequate financial assurances to cover potential problems that might occur with the pipeline in Montana.

As proposed, the 36-inch pipeline would extend through the eastern Montana counties of Phillips, Valley, McCone, Dawson, Prairie and Fallon. The Keystone XL pipeline will be approximately 1,691 miles long, 281 miles of which are located within Montana.

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