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Mar 08, 2012


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Daniel R. Kenney


City of Red Lodge Resolves Water Quality Permit Violations


Helena --- The Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has settled its administrative enforcement action against the City of Red Lodge for violations of the Montana Water Quality Act at its wastewater treatment system in Carbon County, Montana.

Monthly discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) submitted to DEQ by Red Lodge for the March 2008 through January 2010 monitoring periods showed Red Lodge exceeded its permitted discharge limits on 17 occasions, 12 of which were considered to be in significant noncompliance of the permitted limits. In addition, Red Lodge submitted late and/or incomplete DMRs on six occasions during the same monitoring periods.

Red Lodge and DEQ entered into a consent order in June 2010 to address the violations. Under the consent order, Red Lodge paid a $9,360 administrative penalty for the violations and agreed to implement corrective actions to prevent future exceedences of the permitted discharge limits. DEQ did not seek penalties for the other violations, as they were either outside the two year statute of limitation or did not meet the criteria for a significant noncompliance violation.

For questions about wastewater treatment systems or permits, please contact DEQ’s Water Protection Bureau at (406) 444-3080 or visit the DEQ website at

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