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Press Releases for 2014
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Lisa Peterson,  DEQ Public Affairs Coordinator  (406) 444-2929
Date Title
12/18/2014 DEQ Issues Final EIS on Proposed Butte Highland Mine
12/17/2014 Limestone Quarry Proposed in Granite County
12/17/2014 DEQ Accepting Comments on Colstrip Deadline Extension
12/12/2014 DEQ Seeks Information to Verify Cleanup of July 2011 Silvertip Oil Spill into Yellowstone River
12/1/2014 New Montana Energy Code Becomes Effective
11/26/2014 DEQ Approves Reclamation Bond Release for Area A of Big Sky Coal Mine
11/24/2014 Open Burning Season Ends on November 30, 2014
11/19/2014 2:35:00 PM DEQ, EPA to update public on cleanup process for the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company plant
11/17/2014 DEQ Issues Water Discharge Permit for Proposed Development Near Hamilton
11/14/2014 November 15, 2014 is America Recycles Day
11/7/2014 DEQ and Pioneer Technical Services Receive Engineering Excellence Award
10/30/2014 Montana's 2014 Water Quality Integrated Report Now Available
10/29/2014 State Clean Diesel Program Awards Grants for Ten New School Buses
10/29/2014 State of Montana Observes Energy Star Day
10/24/2014 DEQ Extends Comment Period for Bozeman Landfill Remedy
10/23/2014 DEQ Warns About "Energy Vampires" as Heating Season Gets Underway
10/20/2014 DEQ Observes National Bioenergy Day, October 22, 2014
10/14/2014 DEQ Invites Comments on Nutrient, Sediment, and Temperature Study for Flathead River Tributaries
10/1/2014 DEQ Extends Public Comment Period for Madison Mine Groundwater Control System Permit
10/1/2014 DEQ Extends Public Comment Period for Roseburg Forest Products Groundwater Control Pollution System Permit Modification
10/1/2014 DEQ Extends Public Comment Period for Golden Sunlight Business Park Groundwater Control Pollution System Permit
10/1/2014 DEQ Extends Public Comment Period for Billings Wastewater Treatment Permit
10/1/2014 DEQ Extends Public Comment Period for Hamilton Wastewater Treatment Permit
9/26/2014 DEQ Invites Comments on Metals Study in the Jefferson River Watershed
9/19/2014 DEQ to Hold Public Meetings on Options for Montana's Energy Future Whitepaper
9/17/2014 DEQ Observes National Pollution Prevention Week
9/9/2014 DEQ Fall Open Burning Restrictions Have Started
9/8/2014 DEQ Invites Comments on Water Quality Plan for 11 Streams in Bitterroot Watershed
9/8/2014 DEQ Invites Comments on Water Quality Plan for White Pine Creek
9/8/2014 DEQ Releases Draft Human Health Risk Assessment Amendment for the Mission Wye State Superfund Facility
9/4/2014 DEQ Extends Comment Period on Septic Sludge Permit Applications
8/28/2014 DEQ Proposing Rule Changes to Streamline Meth Cleanup Contractor Licensing
8/18/2014 DEQ Invites Comments on Water Quality Studies of Upper Blackfoot River and its Tributaries
8/7/2014 DEQ Approves Black Butte Copper Project Aquifer Testing
8/6/2014 DEQ Accepting Public Comment on CHS Laurel Refinery Hazardous Waste Permit
7/16/2014 DEQ Notifies Public of Safety Measures for Upper Blackfoot Mining Cleanup Project
7/15/2014 DEQ Declares Reclamation of Former Gravel Pit a Success
7/14/2014 DEQ Invites Comments on Water Quality Plan for Clark Fork River Tributaries
7/14/2014 DEQ Invites Comments on Nutrient and Temperature Studies in the Tobacco River Watershed
7/9/2014 DEQ Invites Comments on Beaverhead and Jefferson Rivers Water Temperature Study & TMDLs
7/2/2014 DEQ to Hold Public Meeting on Black Pine Mine Reclamation Project
7/1/2014 Fire Season Air Quality Updates Now Available From DEQ
6/30/2014 DEQ Releases Analysis on Proposed Changes to Black Butte Copper Project Exploration License
6/19/2014 DEQ to Discuss Petroleum Releases in Molt at Informational Meeting on June 24
6/19/2014 DEQ to Begin Next Phases of the Clark Fork River Cleanup
6/16/2014 DEQ to Hold Public Meeting on Water Quality Plan for Thompson River Watershed
6/5/2014 McLaren Tailings Cleanup to Start Again This Month
6/2/2014 DEQ Offering $1 Million Funding and Informational Webinar for Nonpoint Source Pollution Projects
5/14/2014 DEQ Reopens Public Comment Period for Calumet Expansion Air Quality Permit
5/7/2014 May 4 to 10, 2014 is Compost Awareness Week
4/29/2014 DEQ to Close Substandard Underground Storage Tanks in Harlowton Using One-Time Appropriation
4/22/2014 DEQ Recognizes Earth Day with Conservation Tips and Call to Enjoy Montana's Great Outdoors
4/17/2014 DEQ is Accepting Public Comment on Bond for Kalispell Rock Quarry
4/16/2014 DEQ Approves Cleanup at Former Velco Factory Finish Site in Billings
4/15/2014 Phase Nine of the Silver Bow Creek Cleanup Nears Completion
4/1/2014 DEQ issues reminders about asbestos safety for homeowners, small businesses
3/21/2014 DEQ Extends Comment Period for Missoula White Pine Sash State Superfund Facility Proposed Plan
3/13/2014 Montana Energy Incentives Remain in Effect for 2013 Tax Year
3/11/2014 DEQ Gives Final Approval to Garnet Mine Permit Amendment
3/10/2014 March 9 – 15 is National Groundwater Awareness Week
3/7/2014 DEQ Opens Public Hearing Period for Statewide Numeric Nutrient Standards for State Waters
3/6/2014 DEQ and DPHHS Offer Flood Safety and Cleanup Advice
3/5/2014 DEQ Announces New Compliance Tool for Water Discharge Permits
3/3/2014 DEQ Invites Comment on Water Quality Targets for Clark Fork River and its Tributaries
2/28/2014 DEQ Releases Proposed Plan for Final Cleanup of the Missoula White Pine Sash State Superfund Facility
2/27/2014 Spring/Summer Open Burning Season Starts on March 1
2/21/2014 DEQ Releases Final Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Garnet Mine
2/14/2014 DEQ Sets Alternative Energy Loan Interest Rate at 3.25 Percent for 2014
2/6/2014 DEQ Seeks Comments on Metals in Little Blackfoot Watershed
2/3/2014 DEQ Invites Water Quality Comments on Kootenai-Fisher Project Area
1/27/2014 DEQ, Ready Freddy, Inc. Resolve Septic Pumping Violations
1/24/2014 DEQ Announces Grants to Aid Water Quality Education and Outreach
1/22/2014 DEQ Approves the Enhanced Bioremediation Plan for the Bozeman Solvent Site Cleanup
1/16/2014 DEQ Authorizes Black Butte Copper Exploration Project
1/14/2014 DEQ Gives Final Approval to Golden Sunlight Mine Expansion Permit
1/6/2014 DEQ Urges Homeowners to Test for Radon