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Subject Link Contact/Email Phone (406) External Agency
308 Authorization - Emergency Remediation/Pesticides RYAN, JEFF 444-4626  
310 Permit - Alter/modify a Perennial Stream (joint permit) RYAN, JEFF 444-4626  
318 Authorization - Turbidity Related to Construction Activity RYAN, JEFF 444-4626  
319 Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Grants ANDERSEN, LAURA 444-0549  
3Rs in State Government (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) ROUSE, BONNIE 444-6439  
401 Certification - Hydroelectric Dams SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
401 Water Quality Certification - Dredge and Fill RYAN, JEFF 444-4626  
404 Permit Subject to 401 Certification RYAN, JEFF 444-4626  
Abandoned (Junk) Vehicles MEYER, BRUCE 444-2835  
Abandoned Mine Reclamation KOERTH, JOHN 841-5026  
Abandoned Mines - Historical Narratives KOERTH, JOHN 841-5026  
Active Underground Storage Tank (UST) Facilities MEIERHENRY, REDGE 444-1417  
Administrative Rulemaking Notices JOHNSON, ELOIS 444-2630  
Agricultural Ground Water Protection Act (groundwater) ALVEY, LAURA 841-5062  
Air Emissions Inventory WALSH, DAN 444-9786  
Air Monitoring Particulate Data (Todays Air) RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Air Pollution Control Advisory Council (APCAC) MERCHANT, ERIC 444-1457  
Air Quality Compliance WALSH, DAN 444-9786  
Air Quality Conditions Web Camera Vacant - EVANS, LACEY 444-0283  
Air Quality Forest Fire Smoke Updates Vacant - EVANS, LACEY 444-0283  
Air Quality Information ADMIN SUPPORT 444-3490  
Air Quality Monitoring Sites RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Air Quality Registration (Butte) AGUIRRE, DAVE 782-2689 ext 205 Butte
Air Quality Source Test Manual WALSH, DAN 444-9786  
Air Quality State Implementation Plans (SIPs) MERCHANT, ERIC 444-1457  
Air Quality Statutes and Rules VACANT - WOLFE 444-7916  
Air Resources Management Bureau ADMIN SUPPORT 444-3490  
Air Visibility MERCHANT, ERIC 444-1457  
Alternative Fuels HAINES, HOWARD 444-6478  
Ambient Air Monitoring RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Ambient Air Monitoring Network Review Reports RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Ambient Air Quality Standards MERCHANT, ERIC 444-1457  
Animal Waste - CAFO Permit MCDUNN, JOHN 444-6782  
Approved Asbestos Project Permits EASON, D 444-2886  
Aquatic Life Standards SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Asbestos Accreditations Search Tool EASON, D 444-2886  
Asbestos Control Act GRIMM, DEBORAH 444-2690  
Asbestos Control Program VACANT  
Asbestos Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) VACANT  
Ash Grove Cement Plant and Quarry, Montana City PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
Bacteriological Compliance of Drinking Water SIMMONS, MARY 444-5314  
Bentonite Pits ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4970  
Biodiesel/Biofuel HAINES, HOWARD 444-6478  
Biological Criteria/Pathogens in Water FELDMAN, DAVE 444-6764  
Biomass Energy (bioenergy) Program HAINES, HOWARD 444-6478  
Board of Environmental Review (BER) ADMIN SUPPORT 444-2544  
Bottles for Sampling Water DPHHS LAB 444-2642 PHHS
Brownfields Coordinator TROMBETTA, MICHAEL 841-5045  
Carbon Monoxide (air quality) Monitoring in Montana RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Children's Environmental Health Network SPANGLER, BRIAN 444-6459  
Chlorination - Wastewater Systems BAHR, BILL 444-5337  
Chlorination Monitoring of Drinking Water SCHULTZ, LUELLA 444-4769  
Citizen Guide to Air Quality RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Classification of State Waters SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Clay Pits ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4970  
Clean Air Act VACANT - WOLFE 444-7916  
Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC) MERCHANT, ERIC 444-1457  
Clean Snowmobile Facts Web Site HAINES, HOWARD 444-6478  
Clean Water Act Information Center (CWAIC) ARROUES, PAMELA 444-6763  
Coal & Uranium Mining EICHHORN, ASHLEY 444-4968  
Coliform Rule (drinking water) SIMMONS, MARY 444-5314  
Communications/Information PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
Complete a Subdivision Application Online (SWAT) KILBREATH, STEVE 444-2872  
Composting JOHNSON, DUSTI 444-6499  
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Discharge Permit MCDUNN, JOHN 444-6782  
Construction Dewatering Discharge Permit VACANT - WARD 444-7450  
Contracts & Purchasing Bureau ADMIN SUPPORT 444-2442  
Controlled Allocation and Liability Act (CALA) SEYLER, JASON 841-5071  
Cryptosporidium in Drinking Water VACANT - STEVENS 444-5360  
DEQ and EPA Performance Partnership Agreement PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
DEQ Bids & Quotes WOODROW, VICKI 444-3101  
DEQ Email Subscription Lists VACANT - DAVIDSON 444-3782  
DEQ Goals & Objectives PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
DEQ Office Locations and Addresses ADMIN SUPPORT 444-2544  
DEQ Organization PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
DEQ Public Meetings PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
DEQ Staff Directory VACANT - DAVIDSON 444-3782  
DEQ Water Quality Information ARROUES, PAMELA 444-6763  
DEQ Water Quality Library ARROUES, PAMELA 444-6763  
DEQ Web Site Map VACANT - DAVIDSON 444-3782  
Director's Office ADMIN SUPPORT 444-2544  
Discharge Permits (MGWPCS) - Discharges to Ground Water (groundwater) BOE, CHRIS 444-6752  
Discharge Permits (MPDES) - Discharges to Surface Water REID, TOM 444-5329  
Disinfected Water Discharge Permit WADHAMS, JOHN 444-2783  
Domestic Sewage Lagoons Discharge Permit WEAVER, CHRISTINE 444-3927  
Drinking Water SRF Loans SMITH, MARK 444-5325  
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Act SMITH, MARK 444-5325  
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program (SRF) SMITH, MARK 444-5325  
Electrical Generation Facilities VACANT - RING 444-6785  
Energize Montana VACANT - GREEN 841-5230  
Energy & Pollution Prevention Bureau ADMIN SUPPORT 841-5200  
Energy Conservation Tax Incentives TSCHIDA, PAUL 444-6464  
Energy Efficiency LeMIEUX, DAVID 444-6574  
Enforcement Division ADMIN SUPPORT 444-0379  
Enforcement, Case Management, Penalty Types & Amounts ANDERSON, CHAD 444-2964  
Environmental Assessments VACANT - ELLERHOFF 444-6780  
Environmental Health (Recycling) BOGGS, SANDRA 444-0219  
Environmental Impact Statements VACANT - ELLERHOFF 444-6780  
Environmental Laws Enforced by DEQ ARRIGO, JOHN 444-5327  
Environmental Laws, Rules and Regulations JOHNSON, ELOIS 444-2630  
Environmental Management Bureau VACANT - MORROW 444-4955  
Environmental Permits ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4323  
Ethanol Gas Stations in Montana HAINES, HOWARD 444-6478  
Federal Superfund Program in Montana - CERCLA SCUSA, LARRY 841-5035  
Federal Superfund Sites in Montana SCUSA, LARRY 841-5035  
Feedlots - CAFO Permit MCDUNN, JOHN 444-6782  
Financial Assistance for Drinking Water Facilities (SRF) SMITH, MARK 444-5325  
Financial Assistance for Energy Efficiency WEBB, BILL 444-6465  
Financial Assistance for Waste Water Facilities LAVIGNE, PAUL 444-5321  
Financial Services ADMIN SUPPORT 444-2442  
Fiscal Management Bureau ADMIN SUPPORT 444-2442  
Fish Farm Water Quality Discharge Permit MAY, JEFF 444-5326  
Flood Plain and Floodway Management Act DNRC State Floodplain Engineer 444-6664 DNRC
Fuel Ethanol HAINES, HOWARD 444-6478  
Geothermal Energy Tax Incentive MONTGOMERY, KATHI 444-6586  
Giardia in Water VACANT - STEVENS 444-5360  
Grants / Loans Available at DEQ ADMIN SUPPORT 444-6697  
Gravel Pits ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4970  
Green Government BOGGS, SANDRA 444-0219  
Green Responsible Purchasing BOGGS, SANDRA 444-0219  
Ground and Surface Water Contamination and Cleanup (groundwater) ALVEY, LAURA 841-5062  
Ground Water Assessment Act (groundwater) BUCKLEY, LUKE 406-496-4336 MT Tech
Ground Water Protection (groundwater) MEEK, JOE 444-4806  
Ground Water Remediation (groundwater) ALVEY, LAURA 841-5062  
Ground Water Standards (groundwater) SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Hard Rock Mining Permits VACANT - MORROW 444-4955  
Hard Rock Mining Program ROLFES, HERB 444-3841  
Hard Rock Mining Rules ROLFES, HERB 444-3841  
Hazardous Waste Cleanup-Petroleum Release (LUST) KUHN, JEFFREY 841-5055  
Hazardous Waste Disposal HALL, MARK 444-4096  
Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements HALL, MARK 444-4096  
Hazardous Waste Permits HOLMES, REBECCA 444-2876  
Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Bureau TROMBETTA, MICHAEL 841-5045  
Hazardous Waste Transporter Rules HALL, MARK 444-4096  
Hog Farms - CAFO Permit MCDUNN, JOHN 444-6782  
Household Hazardous Waste BOGGS, SANDRA 444-0219  
Human Resources DAVIS, KAROL ANNE 444-4218  
Hydroelectric Dam Relicensing VACANT - RING 444-6785  
Hydroelectric Dams Small Scale VACANT - BATSON 841-5258  
Individual Ground Water Discharge Permits (groundwater) BOE, CHRIS 444-6752  
Individual Surface Water Discharge Permits REID, TOM 444-5329  
Industrial & Energy Minerals Bureau ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4970  
Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan STEINMETZ, JERRY 444-2070  
Information Technology, Office of HELP DESK 444-1840  
Information/Communications PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
Integrated Waste Management SPANGLER, BRIAN 444-6459  
Interactive Maps for Montana Inactive Mines CLARY,DEVIN 841-5029  
Jobs at DEQ ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4218  
Junk Vehicle Program MEYER, BRUCE 444-2835  
Junk Vehicle Wrecking Facilities MEYER, BRUCE 444-2835  
Karstolite (asbestos insulation) VACANT  
Karstolite (asbestos ore) OWEN, COLLEEN 755-8966 Kalispell
Lagoon Design LAVIGNE, PAUL 444-5321  
Lakes and Wetlands APFELBECK, RANDALL 444-2709  
Lakeshores DNRC State Floodplain Engineer 444-6664 DNRC
Land Farms HENDRICKSON, MARY 444-1808  
Landfill Permits HENDRICKSON, MARY 444-1808  
Lead & Copper Rule (drinking water) HOGENSON, BRIAN 329-1490  
Lead (air quality) Monitoring in Montana RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Lead Poison Prevention Program REICHMUTH.MICHELLE 303-312-6966 EPA
Legal Unit JOHNSON, ELOIS 444-2630  
Libby, Montana Asbestos Issues PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
Licensed Underground Storage Tank (UST) Installers/Removers TOWNSEND, DALYNN 444-3840  
Livestock Waste - CAFO Permit MCDUNN, JOHN 444-6782  
Major Facility Siting Act VACANT - RING 444-6785  
Major Facility Siting Permits VACANT - RING 444-6785  
Major Facility Siting Rules VACANT - RING 444-6785  
Manufactured Homes Energy Efficiency TSCHIDA, PAUL 444-6464  
Mercury (Recycling) BOGGS, SANDRA 444-0219  
Mercury-Containing Thermostat Disposal SPANGLER, BRIAN 444-6459  
Metal Mining ROLFES, HERB 444-3841  
Meth Contaminated Properties List GRIMM, DEBORAH 444-2690  
Methamphetamine Cleanup Program (MCP) GRIMM, DEBORAH 444-2690  
Mine Reclamation Photos CLARY,DEVIN 841-5029  
Mine Reclamation Priority Sites KOERTH, JOHN 841-5026  
Mine Waste Cleanup Bureau ADMIN SUPPORT 841-5000  
Mine Waste Cleanup Construction Services CHAVEZ, JOEL 841-5031  
Mine Waste Cleanup Reclamation Guide KOERTH, JOHN 841-5026  
Mixing Zones in Surface and Ground Water (groundwater) SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Montana Inactive Mines KOERTH, JOHN 841-5026  
Montana Watershed Coordination Advisory Council (MWCC) OCKEY, MARK 444-5351  
MTBE Use in Montana KUHN, JEFFREY 841-5055  
Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act PHILLIPS, GLEN 444-5334 FWP
Nitrogen Oxides (air quality) Monitoring in Montana RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Nondegradation of Water Quality Determinations VACANT - REGENSBURGER 444-0916  
Non-Discrimination in DEQ Services VACANT - FEHR 444-6717  
Nonpoint Source Management Plan ANDERSEN, LAURA 444-0549  
Nonpoint Source Water Pollution ANDERSEN, LAURA 444-0549  
Numeric Water Quality Standards (DEQ-7) VACANT - MCNEIL 444-5361  
Nutrient Criteria/Water Quality Standards SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Nutrient Work Group Advisory Council SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Open Burning Restrictions Vacant - EVANS, LACEY 444-0283  
Opencut Mining Permits ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4970  
Other Public Documents PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
Outstanding Resource Waters SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Ozone (air quality) Monitoring in Montana RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Pay-As-You-Throw JOHNSON, DUSTI 444-6499  
Permitting & Compliance Division ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4323  
Petroleum Cleanup Discharge Permit WADHAMS, JOHN 444-2783  
Petroleum Release - Technical Guidance Documents KUHN, JEFFREY 841-5055  
Petroleum Release Cleanup (Leaking Underground Storage Tanks) ADMIN SUPPORT 841-5000  
Petroleum Release Notification ADMIN SUPPORT 841-5000  
Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board WADSWORTH, TERRY 841-5092  
Planning, Prevention and Assistance Division ADMIN SUPPORT 444-6697  
Pollution Prevention (Recycling) BOGGS, SANDRA 444-0219  
Press Releases/News Releases from DEQ PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
Produced Water Discharge Permit KENT, MATTHEW 444-2856  
Public Comment Notices PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
Public Drinking Water Monitoring Schedules VICKORY, ANDREA 444-3358  
Public Drinking Water Supply PIZZINI, EUGENE 444-6972  
Public Information PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
Public Water and Subdivisions Bureau ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4400  
Public Water Supply (contamination, testing, fees) VACANT NOLAN 444-4071  
Public Water Supply Act PIZZINI, EUGENE 444-6972  
Radiological Contaminants of Water VICKORY, ANDREA 444-3358  
Radon VACANT - GREEN 841-5230  
Rebuild Montana (energy) VACANT - GREEN 841-5230  
Recycling Electronics BOGGS, SANDRA 444-0219  
Recycling Guide JOHNSON, DUSTI 444-6499  
Recycling Programs JOHNSON, DUSTI 444-6499  
Recycling Tires JOHNSON, DUSTI 444-6499  
Reformulated Gasoline MEIERHENRY, REDGE 444-1417  
Remediation Division ADMIN SUPPORT 841-5000  
Renewable Energy Tax Incentives TSCHIDA, PAUL 444-6464  
Residential Buildings Energy Code Summary TSCHIDA, PAUL 444-6464  
Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) Guidance for Petroleum Releases RIDENOUR, REBECCA 841-5059  
Sand and Gravel Discharge Permit MAY, JEFF 444-5326  
Sand Pits ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4970  
Sanitation in Subdivisions Act KILBREATH, STEVE 444-2872  
Scoria Pits ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4970  
Septic Tank Pumpers HENDRICKSON, MARY 444-1808  
Septic Tank Statutes and Rules HENDRICKSON, MARY 444-1808  
Sewer Design (municipal wastewater) LAVIGNE, PAUL 444-5321  
Small Business Assistance SPANGLER, BRIAN 444-6459  
Snowmobile Emissions using Bio-Fuels HAINES, HOWARD 444-6478  
Solar Energy SPANGLER, BRIAN 444-6459  
Solid Waste Disposal Facilities HENDRICKSON, MARY 444-1808  
Solid Waste Ground Water Monitoring of Disposal Facilities (groundwater) HENDRICKSON, MARY 444-1808  
Solid Waste Management Act HENDRICKSON, MARY 444-1808  
Solid Waste Permits HENDRICKSON, MARY 444-1808  
Source Water Assessment Reports Query MEEK, JOE 444-4806  
Source Water Protection - SWP (groundwater) MEEK, JOE 444-4806  
Standard Operating Procedures for Water Quality Monitoring STEINMETZ, AMY 444-0371  
State Superfund/CECRA Program MARTIN, DENISE 841-5060  
Statewide Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Advisory Group (STAG) YASHAN, DEAN 444-5317  
Storm Water Construction Activity Discharge Permit PETAJA, JANIE 444-5349  
Storm Water Industrial, Mining, Oil and Gas VACANT - WARD 444-7450  
Streambank Stabilization RYAN, JEFF 444-4626  
Streamside Management Zones HARRINGTON, BOB 542-4301 DNRC
Subdivisions Sanitary Restrictions Review ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4400  
Subdivisions Septic Tanks & Drainfields ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4400  
Subdivisions Sewer Design & Disposal Administrative Rules ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4400  
Suction Dredges Discharge Permit WADHAMS, JOHN 444-2783  
Sufficient Credible Data - Water Quality Monitoring KRON, DARRIN 444-4765  
Sulfur Dioxide (air quality) Monitoring in Montana RASH, HOBY 841-5260  
Superfund Voluntary Cleanup Program & Redevelopment Act SEYLER, JASON 841-5071  
Surface Water Standards SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Sustainable Government BOGGS, SANDRA 444-0219  
Sustainable Operations in State Government BOGGS, SANDRA 444-0219  
TankHelper Owners & Operators On-Line Training HENDRIX, SETH 444-1416  
Technical & Financial Assistance Bureau ADMIN SUPPORT 444-6697  
Temporary Water Quality Standards SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Tier 2 Submit Chemical Inventory TIER 2 CONTACT 444-2442  
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) of Rivers, Lakes and Streams YASHAN, DEAN 444-5317  
Treated Waste Water-Ground Water Remediation Discharge Permit (groundwater) BOE, CHRIS 444-6752  
Underground Storage Tank Compliance HENDRIX, SETH 444-1416  
Underground Storage Tank Permits BROWN, JOHN 444-2017  
Volunteer Water Monitoring APFELBECK, RANDALL 444-2709  
Warm Hearts Warm Homes PETERSON, LISA 444-2929  
Waste and Underground Tank Management Bureau (WUTMB) ADMIN SUPPORT 444-5300  
Waste Management Environmental Assessments THOMPSON, RICK 444-5345  
Waste Reduction & Recycling ROUSE, BONNIE 444-6439  
Waste Water SRF Loans LAVIGNE, PAUL 444-5321  
Wastewater (Sewer/Sewage) Systems BAHR, BILL 444-5337  
Wastewater Drainfields Subdivision (Circular DEQ4) ADMIN SUPPORT 444-4400  
Wastewater from Potable Water Treatment Facilities Discharge Permit BOE, CHRIS 444-6752  
Water & Wastewater Operator Certification VACANT NOLAN 444-4071  
Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Advisory Council VACANT NOLAN 444-4071  
Water Monitoring Links of Interest ARROUES, PAMELA 444-6763  
Water Pollution Control Advisory Council (WPCAC) STEINMETZ, AMY 444-0371  
Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund LAVIGNE, PAUL 444-5321  
Water Protection Bureau ADMIN SUPPORT 444-3080  
Water Quality Act SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Water Quality Assurance Program STEINMETZ, AMY 444-0371  
Water Quality Circulars ADMIN SUPPORT 444-3080  
Water Quality Discharge Permits, Licenses, Approvals CHAMBERS, JENNY 841-5001  
Water Quality Districts (local) HERRICK, JEFFREY 444-3276.  
Water Quality Environmental Assessments REID, TOM 444-5329  
Water Quality Laws & Rules REID, TOM 444-5329  
Water Quality Monitoring KRON, DARRIN 444-4765  
Water Quality Public Notices ADMIN SUPPORT 444-3080  
Water Quality Standards and Classifications SUPLEE, MIKE 444-0831  
Water Quality Wastewater Permits REID, TOM 444-5329  
Water Rights MCLAUGHLIN, TERRI 444-6631 DNRC
Water School - Operator Training VACANT NOLAN 444-4071  
Water Treatment Plant Operators Act PIZZINI, EUGENE 444-6972  
Water Use Act DNRC State Floodplain Engineer 444-6664 DNRC
Watershed Management YASHAN, DEAN 444-5317  
Web Site Administration VACANT - DAVIDSON 444-3782  
Webcam Vacant - EVANS, LACEY 444-0283  
Well Logs ROBINSON, ART 444-6643 DNRC
Wellhead Protection Program MEEK, JOE 444-4806  
Wells - Disinfection VACANT - STEVENS 444-5360  
Wells - Installation & Licensing ROBINSON, ART 444-6643 DNRC
Wetland Conservation SAUL, LYNDA 444-6652  
Wetlands - 401 Certification RYAN, JEFF 444-4626  
Wetlands - Biological Assessments APFELBECK, RANDALL 444-2709  
Wetlands Grants SAUL, LYNDA 444-6652  
Wildfire Smoke Updates Vacant - EVANS, LACEY 444-0283  
Wind Energy SPANGLER, BRIAN 444-6459  
Winter Air Quality Updates Vacant - EVANS, LACEY 444-0283