Data Search Tools Instructions


This web application allows you to search several DEQ maintained datasets for information on facilities or locations that DEQ monitors, permits, regulates, or remediates. The information below will help you use the features offered by the Data Search Tools application.

The Data Search Tools application is organized into 4 parts:

  1. Home
  2. Searches
  3. Results
  4. Reports

The Home Page provides links to the various searches available, as well as some general information about the Data Search Tools application.

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Every search in the Data Search Tools system is available from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. This menu is available from anywhere in the system. You can also find links to the searches on the Home Page.

There are two ways to find information: by Location and by Site. You can also download a complete copy of the dataset (including GIS data) using the Download Data button provided on most search pages.

Search by Location

Locational searches allow you to find all records within a county, city, zip code, or other geographic range. Some searches also provide additional filters which can further narrow the results returned in the Results Page.

Search by Site

Site specific searches allow you to find a specific record by Id, Name, or other criteria that match the criteria you enter into an Auto Complete text box. The Auto Complete feature allows you to start typing the value you are looking for. As you type a list of values that match your search term are displayed in a list below. Once you see the value you are looking for, simply click it or use the down arrow to highlight it and hit the enter key. This will take you directly to the Report.

Auto Complete
Image 1. An example of using the Auto Complete feature.

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When you search by location all the results that match your criteria and any optional filters are shown in a table in the results page. This table can be sorted by clicking the column headers. If your search returns more than 20 results a paging control will appear above and below the results table. The paging control, shown below, allows you to go to the next and previous pages as well as the first or last pages. To see all results without any paging click the 'Show All Results' link. Click the link in the first column to view the detailed Report page.

A data summary is displayed above the search results table. This data summary describes the search that you performed, the number of records returned, and the last date the information was updated.

Paging Control
Image 2. An example of using the Results Paging feature.

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The report shows details for a specific site or facility as well as an explanation of dhe data contained within the report.

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